Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Witch City: Part Two!

Back to Salem! This is The Witch House which is probably the only actual historical museum in the city. It is set up like it would have been in the 1600's. We didn't take the tour because by this time I was REALLY cranky. It was so cold and we were soaked through! And hungry! But I had to get a photo. What a creepy house!
We got lunch at the Flying Saucer Pizza Company. When I was researching our trip I saw their logo was a space pug, so it was a done deal. And it ended up being great!
So so cute.
The whole place was space themed, along with the menu. We started with an order of Space Balls. They are garlic knots with some vegan cheese melted on them. They were amazing! That cheese! It is Teese brand, which we don't have down here. I want some more!
There were pictures of aliens all over the walls, and the were all fake signed with messages about the pizza. I loved that! There was a Spock just a little to the left of this photo. And a full sized Borg statue. Awesome!
For our pizza we got the Silurian. I wanted to build our own, but gave it to Travis and I'm so glad we did! It was on beer crust, with evoo, garlic, sundried tomatoes, kale, and vegan mac and cheese casserole. YUM! If this place was close we'd be regulars. It was amazing.
More Salem exploring after lunch. It isn't all spooky stuff.
We found a huge comic store.
I was very tempted by the Ghibli merchandise.
They had some really cool vintage Godzilla toys. I had a lot of time to browse because Travis was next door at the army navy surplus looking for a liner for his coat.
So many of my interests represented in one photo.
My biggest trip regret was not getting one of these photos. We have one from Gatlinburg a few years ago of us in a saloon, but these witch ones are so much better! Gosh, the more I think about it the more I regret it! Dang!
We stopped in this thrift/antique shop to get out of the rain for a bit. There wasn't much interesting vintage but I did find a ton of pin up photos! This is just a tiny fraction of the photos featuring this sassy lady! Travis and I wondered if maybe she was posing for a photography club (like Betty Page used to do) or if she was a photo enthusiasts sweet heart. The photos were very nice, and matched the quality of a lot of army photos in the same basket. I bought the one on the bottom left.
I wanted this silly taxidermy fox but Travis said no! Isn't he cute? It was in pretty bad shape, the feet were down to the bones! And Travis said it would never make it back to the car in the rain. So I had to do a snap and walk.
There was a Harry Potter store! I would probably have been more excited if we hadn't been to Universal earlier this year, but it was still awesome! They had a wand store right next to it.
Since it was so cold (have I mentioned it was cold?) and I had no warm clothes, I had to buy a hat. Good thing I found this cute one! It really came in handy on the rest of our trip.
Early in the afternoon we gave up and went back to our rental. It was just too miserable to be out. We bought some groceries and made dinner and ate while watching Gilmore Girls. We almost bailed on our scary story tour since there were going to be 40 to 50 mph wind that night but we had already paid so we toughed it out. I'm so glad we did!
As you can imagine there were lots of tours to choose from, and we went with the Scary Stories tour put on by Bewitched After Dark. Only one other couple showed up since the weather was so bad, but it was amazing. It is lead by Kenneth, who is a Quaker mortician. He was wonderful. He sang and told the creepiest stories and had us put our hands on a human skull while he tried to get messages from the beyond. The rain and terrible wind really added to the experience. It was about an hour and a half and I would have loved for it to go longer! I would totally recommend this tour if you're in town. Kenneth even gave us ponchos!

We had to go on a last minute search for a smashed penny machine, and found this great cut out on the way. I'd love to go to Salem again when the weather isn't so bad so we could see more, but it was still a fun stop on our tour of the North East.

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