Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A day in great detail

When I had a live journal I was obsessed with the Day in the Life communities. Basically you took tons of photos of your day, showing every little detail. I remember my favorite community had a 100 image limit and sometimes it was hard for me to narrow it down! Haha, I've never been good at editing.
I decided to try and document my day last Friday, my day off. Here goes!
One of my favorite things to do when I'm off is go get the dogs from their room when I wake up, put them in bed with me and read for a few hours. Phyllis and Priscilla love it!
Finally decide to get up about 10:30. I let Scampi in our room too, she loves to lay on my pillow with me. Which is why we keep her out at night.
Late breakfast and more reading. I'm super into the Rip's Big Bowl cereal right now. I bought a bunch of boxes when it was on sale at my Whole Foods. It's especially good if you load it up with fresh fruit.
Always there, always lurking.
Getting ready for the day. Remember my goal this year is to get over myself and do what I want without worrying about looking dumb? So I've been wearing cat eyes and lipstick most days. I've been listening to my spotify dance party mix all day every day! We finally bought a Bluetooth speaker so I can easily have a solo dance party. 
I always have an audience. Priscilla was sitting on my feet.
I decided to head out to an estate sale that looked pretty good. It advertised a 70 year accumulation, 50's and 60's stuff, so I thought I'd give it a try. I listened to Rupaul's podcast on the way. It is the best.
The drive took me way out of town, down near the Natchez Trace parkway. I bet it would have been a nice drive in the spring.
I made it!
It was a big bummer. 70 year accumulation my foot! There was almost no furniture, and just a few tables of items in each room. The basement was perfectly cleaned out! I saw a couple cute things. Like that little guy with the trumpet.
And that embroidered kitty towel. Look at this picture I'm so mad I didn't notice the folding rack it is hanging on! I've been looking for one of those for a few months! Dangit!
This sign made me laugh.
I carried this pot holder around for a while. It is so cute! But I really don't need another pot holder that is too pretty to use. I have a whole drawer full!
Here is all I bought. Two Golden Books from the 70's for a buck fifty each. Eh. Not worth the over an hour round trip. Oh well.
Went to the grocery store on the way home to get some supplies to make a vegan strawberry coffee cake. But then I couldn't find non-dairy yogurt so it had to wait a few more days.
Pups are ready to be fed, even though I was only gone two hours.
Check the mail, my tickets to Drag Race: Battle of the Seasons came! It isn't until March but I can't wait! Bonus it is in Louisville!
It is such a beautiful day! It was overcast here for the last two months and I'm happy to see the sun out. Take the pugs into the backyard for a potty break. No matter how nice it is outside, they are always eager to go back in so they can fall asleep on the couch.
I sit with them and start up a documentary. I'm trying to clear off our Netflix queue. I watching nothing but Gilmore Girls for a while and now the queue is over 200 deep! This one is called Crazy Love about an insane obsessive relationship. Watch it, it's bonkers! Then make it a double crazy feature and watch Tabloid.
Made myself some fries and a grilled cheese for lunch. Fellow vegans, if you have not had the new Field Roast cheese product Chao yet, run to your local health food store! It is AMAZING. I also treat myself to a Bundaberg ginger beer. Travis doesn't like them because they are too spicy, but they are perfect for me!
Travis came home around 4? 5? And I got distracted and didn't take any photos for a little bit. We went to the bargain matinee of Inherent Vice. I LOVED it! For a lot of the film I was totally confused but still enjoying myself, which doesn't happen that much for me. Joaquin Phoenix is so good in it. Totally recommend.
I got a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas so we went there to spend it. I didn't have any books I wanted so we looked at games. Why are all the board games 40 to 70 dollars??? Has it always been like that? What is going on?? I did see anything I wanted that was a reasonable price so was about to walk out when I saw this:
Isa Moskowitz is the queen of vegan cooking and I have been wanting this book since it came out! I had totally forgotten. I have most of her other books and every single recipe I've tried is amazing. She is actually coming here to do a cooking demonstration in just a few weeks and I'm dying to go but it's really expensive.
They ordered pizza several times in Inherent Vice so I was in the mood for a slice. We went to Mellow Mushroom and they sat us all alone in this weird back room in a booth for 10 people. There was a bunch of stuff stacked up in there to like it was a storage room. So strange. The pizza was good though!
We got one with daiya cheese, artichoke hearts, and roasted red peppers. Yum! After we ate we headed home and probably sat on the couch for a while, then went to bed. What a fun day.
I'm off again tomorrow and am determined to make the most of it because after that I'm working seven days in a row. Ugh. 


  1. Rae- This post was so much fun! Kind of like Reality TV. Voyeurism is the best! lol Why do we love peeking into someone's every day moments???
    I'd say you had a lovely day off!
    Erica :)

  2. Yeah, I was second in line at that estate sale (I quit working for the company so I'm lining up like the old days...) and even that early, there wasn't that much good stuff. The lady in front of me was a dealer who buys the same stuff as me and she grabbed the Pyrex and pink canister set I was after. :/ As for the Starbucks signs...I know, right??

  3. Crazy Love creeped me out so bad! I wouldn't even re-watch it with my boyfriend!

    I think you look great both with and without makeup - I totally love the pictures of you with lipstick! We have similar taste in lipsticks, I think. I go in the other direction though - I innately subscribe the the Baby Jane School of Makeup so I'm always trying to tone down these days. Work in progress.

  4. So many things to discuss here--
    --I went to the same sale and was bummed that it was like three rooms and a basement...I had such a high hopes from the preview pictures! I'm glad I wasn't the only one snookered into driving out of town for it.
    -- I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE DRAG RACE THING AND THE ISA CHANDRA MOSKOWITZ THING OMG. I want to go to both of these things. Subcomment: Why is the ICM event $65 #iampoor. Subsubcomment-- the pizza bowl in that Isa Does It book is one of my favorite things ever, I broke down and bought a copy for myself, too. You'll have to tell me what else is good from that!
    -- Crazy Love is completely insane and one of my favorite "ah, I'll just watch this" dvd discoveries ever-- how about that one woman who was the dude's secretary, and in the present, she looks like Crystal from Squidbillies and she's talking about how hot she used to be...I'm like, yeah, yeah...then the doc shows a photo of her from the sixties' where she 110% looks like prime-of-career-era Jayne Mansfield. Shock of my life. I was more taken aback by that than the acid thing. I wish every documentary on Netflix was as creepy/weird/oddball!
    --I love the idea of an "everything I did today" type post! This one was so much fun!

    ((end 90 year long comment...Happy Thursday!!))

    1. seriously, i went back and looked at the listing after i got home thinking maybe i picked the wrong one. so weird.

      i have never tried isa's pizza bowl...looking it up now.

  5. You're pets are so sweet!

  6. I love your posts like this. Maybe one day I will do one. It may inspire me to go do more stuff! It also reminded me to add What's the Tee to my podcast rotation. I have been really disappointed with the last couple that I have added. Some seem full of such promise and then let me down!

    Did you LOVE crazy love! I was obsessed with it. And yes it would make a perfect double feature with Tabloid! Good call. I watched that stupid Zeitgeist doc for my sister and now I have to challenge her to watch one...what should I pick??!?!

  7. I love that first pic

    retro rover


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