Monday, April 6, 2015

Pug Pictures

Like everywhere else in the country, Nashville is having crazy spring weather this year. One week we're all out in shorts and t shirts, the next the city shuts down because there are three inches of ice everywhere! Then the sudden shift causes tornado warnings everywhere. Phyllis and Priscilla don't know what to think! I thought it would be silly to document this weird season through their eyes.
Neither of our girls get around very well so we don't go on many walks. When the weather first warms up we'll take a few turns around the block.
Front porch sitting.
Close to Valentine's day it was warm enough for us to be out in short sleeves. The vapor shop down the block had this weird photo op in their back alley. Tunnel of love.
Then it started pouring rain. I have gotten to use their raincoats a LOT this year. I'm not complaining about that! It is so cute every time!
Less than a week later we had several inches of snow! The girls were really not into that. We had to carry them to a part of the yard where the snow wasn't as deep.
Spoiled rotten.
Snow was a good excuse for grilled cheese (with tempeh bacon and avocado!) and tomato soup. Scampi agreed.
Snow babies! 
And here we are in the April rain. Just a few days ago I was in shorts, then yesterday we woke up to frost on the ground. I'm hoping it warms up for real soon. I can't wait for a lake trip!


  1. I love any and all pics of your babies...espeically in rain coats. There is nothing cuter.

  2. ohhh so sweet,,
    thank you for posting photos of your precious pugs and kitty.
    Fantastic photos!

  3. Ahh those raincoats kill me! They are just too cute <3

  4. Those stupid idiots, I love them so much. <3

  5. I was going through some old bins of stuff last night and came across this adorable old black and white picture. It's a family picture in front of the fireplace. Looks like Dad may have taken it. The best part is the gorgeous dog!!! I have pictures of it and if you want it, I'll happily give it to you! the picture is about 8 1/2 x 11, but it's in this great cardboard envelope that turns into a desktop frame and that's about 12x16 or so.

    1. I'd love to see it! email me! rae . hartsock at gmail dot come!

  6. Great photos of the fur babies ... Love them!


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