Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cutest Mini Golf Ever!

Adventure Golf is my favorite mini golf place in Pigeon Forge! I've posted about it before, once in 2011 when it was closed, and once in 2013 when it was for sale. I'm so happy someone bought it an kept all the great weird statues!
Gosh I love that shark!
We went on a Sunday afternoon and it was only 6 bucks a game! Travis got a hole in one on the first hole and won us another game! Woo! So we got to do both halves of the course. Thank goodness.
The giant octopus is probably the best part.
Especially because they provide you with this beautiful photo op!
My fold up straw hat has really been coming in handy this summer.
The castle!
Travis just loved waiting to play for me to get all the photos I wanted.
View from the castle. Note the three story go kart track to the left. We rode it later and it was so fun!
I'm not great at mini golf. I think the score was something like 28 to 56 the first round. Oh well.
But I did get a hole in one on this castle hole! Yeah!
Action shots!
The woman working the little pay kiosk was so nice and told us to watch out for the fire ants on hole 16! I'm glad they put so much into this old place, painting things and doing lots of landscaping. I hope it stays open for a long time!
We've never really thought about riding go karts when we are in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge but a friend at work said we had to. I'm so glad we did! We did two rounds, once by ourselves, and once in a double kart. It was so fun!


  1. This place looks amazing. People don't always believe me when I say I'm not athletic. I really can't even play mini golf! Just like you though, I love the buildings/statues/courses. I've never seen a multi-level go kart that sounds fun!!!!

    1. the track was really rickety and wooden too. i think it added to the fun!

  2. Replies
    1. i wish i could have that guy in my back yard!

  3. I love mini golf Ive gotta get my husband to take me this year
    retro rover


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