Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Exploring Asheville

The forecast on our fourth day of vacation called for rain so we decided to spend the day exploring downtown Asheville. I knew from experience that there were tons of weird and fun shops downtown so I didn't plan it out, just picked a street to park on. Our first stop was the double decker coffee bus. Isn't it cute?
It was a little cramped in there for tall people.
I loved that you could sit upstairs and enjoy your drink!
We played a rousing game of rummy!
After we played a few rounds we set off to see what we could see.
I thought I saw an old fashioned photobooth at the Urban Outfitters but it was a trick! So we just used the photobooth app. Still cute.
We found lots of cute gift shops and vintage shops. I bought a tarot deck (this pretty one!) and a cute cat shirt at a store full of local artist stuff.
We ate lunch at a vegetarian place called Rosetta's Kitchen. Several people recommended it on instagram so we had to go.
Travis got a flight of kombucha. He loved them (except the fire one). I'm not a fan.
There was so much cool art all over the city.
We ended the day seeing Trainwreck, which was GREAT! We saw it at this awesome theater that has couches to sit on and peach NeHi slushes!! That made the movie even better! I wish this place was in Nashville.
After the movie we went back to the cabin and cooked dinner and watched one of the Batman movies we rented. What a great day.

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  1. Asheville is one of those places I always wanted to check out so I'm liking these posts! That bus! Too cute.


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