Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Trip to Camp Driftwood

Continuing the "best summer ever" we spent last weekend in Leesburg, Alabama at Camp Driftwood. That is the name of our friend Josh's parent's new lake house. I hope it is the first of many! There was talk of returning in the fall for kayaking and campfire. Lovely.
Saturday we rented a pontoon to cruise around Lake Weiss. It was so fun! Like I mentioned yesterday, Priscilla was out on it for a while. When we came back to our dock to make lunch I dropped her off so she wouldn't get too exhausted and we went out again!
This is Billie! She belongs to Lauren and Josh and is a frisbee catching swimming maniac! She is so beautiful and sweet.
Varuca came too! She is the puppy we found in our backyard if you remember. She has gotten so big already! She used Priscilla's life jacket too.
It was such a beautiful day, pretty much until we parked the boat and got out to swim. Then it got dark and started raining out of nowhere. Wah! We waited it out and it finally stopped. It was pretty dark for a while, but it was still a great day for swimming.
I got so many photos of Travis leaping off the boat, but this one is my favorite! Look at that form!
It might look like it was just me, Travis, Crystal and Marc, but there were four other people there! I just don't know how much the others like pictures of themselves in their bathing suits online. I know the four of us don't care, ha!
This picture makes me laugh! Look at Travis just tipping off the edge! And Marc looks like a cherub flying by!
Billie stood at the top of the stairs with her frisbee. You can't come up unless you throw it!
Boat ladies! Look at Billie's perfect selfie face.
Boat! When I was growing up my grandparents had a pontoon boat and we rode on it a lot. I wish they still had it!
The fun wasn't done once our boat rental was up. They had this nice dock to swim off of! That big blue thing is a trampoline! The lake was really low (it is a man made lake and they let the water go down as it gets into fall) but it was perfect for floating.
I love this photo! Look at that sweet puppy!
I wish we could have stayed a few more days. There is nothing like swimming and laying out on the dock to dry off.
The cabin has this wonderful HUGE picnic table and grill. We made hot dogs for lunch twice, and grilled pizzas for dinner.
I'm real into these Stiegl Radlers. Perfect summah drink.
We had to leave all too soon on Sunday. Here's to Camp Driftwood! May your flag fly forever!


  1. Travis's tummy tattoo made me laugh...I would totally want to adopt the Veruca if I were anywhere near you (northern Vermont!). What fun summer days! I have been reading your posts for a couple years, but I don't think I've commented before, sorry 'bout that!

    1. Hi! thanks for commenting and thanks for reading. Littel Veruca is so dang sweet and cute. I was secretly pleased when her previous owners never called and my best friend got to keep her.


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