Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pacific North Wonderland Day Two: Portland

We slept in every day of our trip unless we were traveling that day. It was so nice! When we woke up on our first morning in Portland it was dreary and a little rainy, but we expected that. We ended up having beautiful weather most of the week! I didn't even really need the raincoat and boots I bought.
Here is another shot of our Air Bnb. We were in the little house to the right. The people that lived in the main house were very nice. Greg was a former buyer for Tazo tea, which Travis loved!
The house was very open which was a little hard to get used too at first. Then you realize there is no one out there to look in the windows, so it's fine! There was a small living room/ kitchen space, then the bedroom and bathroom in the back. The bed is to the left in the picture on the right above. It was so cozy!
The front of the little house was mostly glass and had a view of the fields. I couldn't get over the pine trees! That spiky horizon line was so cool.
Our first stop of the day was Sweetpea Baking Company, which is part of the "vegan mini mall" which is a little strip of vegan shops. We ended up falling in love with Sweetpea and stopping in four times while we were in town. I don't think I took any photos, but I had two of their fruit strudels and they were AMAZING.
What I really wanted to try was their gluten free vegan quiche, but they were out! I'm not gluten free but they make it that way by putting it in a hashbrown crust! Ah! Instead I got a cinnamon roll, which was delicious. Travis has a setein biscuit with gravy and some home fries. I definitely snuck about half of them off of his plate. Yum! We got chai lattes, Travis sweet, and me spicy. It was a wonderful breakfast.
Our next stop was Herbivore Clothing. I have ordered stuff from them online before, and was so excited to go in the shop! They have their clothes, along with lines of hand bags, wallets, belts, cook books, cooking gadgets, pins, etc. So many cute things it was hard to pick!
I ended up with this cute shirt, an "Eat Like You Give a Damn" tote, and a whole pile of pins and stickers! Travis got this hat and a book about vegan Ethiopian cooking! I really want to come back during one of their big vegan festivals. We came in between their vegan beer fest and the big veg fest. Someday!
Next we went to Food Fight! which is an all vegan grocery store. There was lots of fun stuff we haven't tried before like jack fruit so we got some goodies to take home.
I was so excited when I saw those vegan corndogs! You don't see them anywhere! Sadly they were frozen so we couldn't buy them. Wah!
Food fight!
I wish I had gotten some of that mango cotton candy!
Maybe we bought too much. Hah! The last thing I needed was a tote but it was so cute!
After we left there our destination was the Portland Saturday Market, which is a big weekly outdoor arts and craft market. I found the park it is in, and we parked. It seemed smaller than I expected when we walked up, and as we made our way down the first row of booths something was strange. Why were they all selling pipes? Were those grow lights? Ha! We saw the guy below walk buy in that pot leaf bath robe, then saw the banner. We were at the wrong end of the park! Oregon had legalized recreational marijuana a week or two before our trip so this was a little festival/rally. Oops! Haha! We asked some security people about the Saturday Market and they directed us to the other end of the park.
Always have to get a shot on the waterfront. We pointed out many dogs and pigeons.
Ah! There it is!
There was all kinds of music being played, and people hanging out. I can't believe this market is here every week!
Travis had some Rogue Ale while we listened to the xylophones. We bought some Rogue root beer, but I HATED it! Yuck.
Saw lots of neat things. Look at his booth! Pretty cool. 
This booth had tons of handmade whistles shaped like all kinds of animals! I tried to find the artist online but didn't have any luck. I thought these ghosts were so cute!
I had to have one. I can play Mary Had a Little Lamb on it.
Beautiful flowers at crazy low prices.
Travis and I loved this booth! We were cracking up so much at pretty much every single image. You can see all this artist's work at Unusual Cards. We bought a bunch of funny postcards and a larger print. It was so hard to decide which one to get!
This guy had a beat machine, guitar, and a didgeridoo. It was surprisingly awesome! Travis wishes he had bought his cd.
We ended up really close to the original VooDoo Doughnuts so decided to try our luck again.
The walls were covered in glitter! Gorgeous!
There I am! I promise there are some photos of me from this trip. I wore contacts because I thought it would be raining.
While you wait in line, there are these racks of doughnuts by the open window. They smell so good!
I really loved the giant doughnut on the ceiling! So beautiful!
This looks promising! When you get a dozen you don't get to pick what you get. It turned out fine though. Here is what we got, minus the big cream filled one that Travis ate immediately. I liked most of these a lot! And they were pretty cheap. Every other time I've had vegan doughnuts they have been about $3 a piece. This was $15 for a dozen! Perfect! We ate them for days! I wish we would have gotten some more to bring back home.
We did so much this day I had to split it into two entries. I'll be back to show you more tomorrow!


  1. ugh!!! why didn't you buy me that West Side Story clutch!??!??!? Dang! I also love that you stumbled across a weed fest!

  2. That is the Voodoo we went to when we were up there several years ago. I think the only picture I took was of the glitter bricks. It was at a time when my diet was severely restricted so I didn't have any donuts!!!! Now I have a craving!

  3. So enjoying these posts. Saturday Market is pretty nifty and we will bike over occasionally and shop it. Did your air bnb host greg happen to be about in his 50s or so...kinda hippy with a pony tail?

  4. The NASA glass the donuts looks like fun
    Retro rover


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