Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pacific North Wonderland Day Four: Portland to Anacortes to Orcas!

The morning of our fourth day in Portland we got up early and left our tiny farm house behind. I took one last little walk around the house before we left and saw these mushrooms all over the garden path! We went into town in search of donuts (Blue Star this time) then got on the road to Anacortes, Washington. 
A few hours later we stopped in Seattle for lunch, after exclaiming over the space needle and how beautiful that town looks! We got lunch at Wayward Cafe, after many recommendations!
 Travis had some sort of biscuits and gravy meal, his go to on this trip apparently. I got a Warlock sandwich. It was the perfect little lunch stop.
 We kept going up to the north west point of Oregon, and stopped at this cider store in Mt. Vernon.
I read about it on Roadside America and fresh cider sounded so good! It is an unmanned store, you pay with cash in a little locked box. Looks like people were taking advantage! I love the eyes they drew at the bottom of the sign.
I just planned on getting us a gallon, but once I saw the little pumpkin sippers I had to get one of those too! How cute!
 I laughed at Travis for wanting to only pack shorts, but the weather was so gorgeous all week!
On our way to the ferry terminal we passed this place and had to stop! That big pumpkin was like a siren beckoning us off the road. You know I can't resist a photo op.
 I didn't even buy one pumpkin this year. How awful! I was tempted here, but that would be weird to bring home on the plane.
 Travis and I were cracking up taking these photos. And they turned out just as good as I imagined!
We left the pumpkins and made our way to the ferry terminal at Anacortes. I was really worried about being there on time, and we made it about 45 minutes before the ferry left. The view was so gorgeous, the wait wasn't bad at all! We just ate donuts and listened to podcasts.
I thought it was VERY exciting to drive onto the ferry, I never had before. Travis wasn't as impressed. Our ride was a little over an hour so we left the car and went to the seating area.
We had to stand on the front of the boat of course. I really couldn't get over how beautiful it was there. Photos can't do it justice.
 I guess I'll finish this post up here. I'm trying to get better at editing and not putting 40 photos in one post. Which means they usually just get split up! Ah well. 


  1. I love the idea of an honor system cider stand. That's adorable...and if you passed up a pumpkin squeezie, I would be mad at you.

  2. Another super chapter in the travel diary. That is beautiful country up there and nothing like a ferry ride for a different view of that area!


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