Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pacific North Wonderland: Day One in Seattle

We left Orcas Island on the ferry at 8 am on Friday morning. I love riding on a ferry! I'm sure it would get old if I had to do it all the time, but it was so fun on our trip.
On our way from Anacortes to Seattle we made a random antique mall stop. Look at that scary spider! It was close to Halloween, but that guy looked permanent.
Greeted by this pretty lady.
There were lots of cool toys, and what looked like someone's Humpty Dumpty collection. The owner showed me this amazing scrapbook that belonged to a mountain climbing club in the 20's. It was full of HUGE  gorgeous mountain climbing photos. He wanted a pretty penny for it, but I'm so glad he pulled it out for me!
Here is what I bought! What a perfect souvenir! 
We made it into Seattle and to an all vegan Thai buffet. Travis was INTO IT.
We parked downtown and walked about Pike Place Market for a little bit.
I could not get over the flowers! Big beautiful bouquets for like, 10 bucks! I wish I could have brought some home. The dahlias!
I wasn't really sure what to expect. It was kind of a multilevel mall full of restaurants and food stores and all kinds of shops. To be honest I wasn't super into it...
Until we found this store with hundreds of sets of vintage salt and pepper shakers! Heaven! I could have looked for an hour but she was closing up soon. We bought a cute pair of rabbit shakers.
Mmmmm we also got one of these giant vegan snickerdoodle cookies. Yum! And we bought some hot pear cider.
We found an old style photobooth in a cute store called Orange Dracula. It was full of Rocky Horror merchandise! I bought these cute patches there. I went a little patch crazy on our trip. I think I have enough for three jackets now!
We walked past the famous gum wall, so we had to stop. I hadn't planned on visiting because it really grosses me out! It smells so fruity in the alley. Yuck!
We found out they actually took all the gum down and cleaned it for the first time shortly after we left. Ugh it was so gross!! It kind of makes me want to gag, looking at this again.
We were feeling touristy so we went up in the big ferris wheel thing on the waterfront. It was pretty cool, and we were like "oh look at the space needle!!" 1,000 times.
And tried to take photos pointing at it.
Such a cutie.
The view was really beautiful. I would recommend it on a nice day! It would probably be terrible in the summer though if it was crowded. We had the car to ourselves and were able to switch sides to see the city or the water.
Of course we had to go to vegan haven and buy a bunch of treats. Proceeds here got to a pig sanctuary!
Then we walked across the street to Vegan Pizza Pi!
We got a stuffed crust pizza! I haven't had one in years! We also got pineapple, mushrooms and vegan pepperoni. Pizza is always a good choice.
After eating we stopped by the Archie McPhee store, but that needs its own post! We headed to a Sundance Theater to see Meet the Patels. The theater was so fancy! It was 21 and up, had a full (nice) menu and cocktails! I had a margarita. They had these nice little tables in between the seats too. It was pricey ($32 for two tickets, OMG) but it was fun. The movie was good too.
It was a wonderful first day in Seattle! After the movie we headed back to the yurt (I'll show you that soon!) and crashed.

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