Sunday, January 3, 2016

Archie McPhee!

While browsing for photobooths in Seattle on I found out that there was one in the Archie McPhee store. I love using that site, not only because I love getting strips from real (not digital) photobooths but lots of the time they are located in cool places I wouldn't have found otherwise. Archie McPhee is a huge producer of novelties, if you have been in a small gift shop recently, you have seen their products. The store was SO FUN and we were in there for close to two hours! I had to give them their own post.
They had TONS of different animal masks, I'm sure you've seen the horse ones. They seem to be everywhere! It was a week before Halloween so they had lots of costume stuff out, and you could take it in the photobooth! We did a strip of us as a squirrel and a rat.
Travis as his favorite animal, the humble pigeon.
The animal paws made us laugh so much! They had horse hooves and pigs feet. Here I am as an alluring lady horse. Gorgeous!
There was so much fun stuff, it was hard to decide what to bring home. I probably should have gotten on of those unicorn horns for the pugs.
So many little weird rubber things. I love those "finger hands." 
Archie McPhee seems to be kind of a haven for creative weirdos. If you are one of those, you should read this post on Secret Fun Blog where Kirk visits their head quarters. I found it really fascinating.
Definitely bought some of these...
And you know I bought a vintage Laika the Space Dog snow dome. 
Need a 6 ft cardboard coffin? Only $34.95!
They had a big selection of weird stuff you could use in art projects. Like these cute taxidermy eyes. They had rolls of caution tape you could buy by the yard. Bigs of all kinds of little plastic containers. Rolls of holographic vinyl.
There was a huge stack of these bins full of tiny stuff. Kid me would have gone CRAZY over this stuff. Adult me spent maybe too long deciding what to get. I ended up with some weird little plastic witch charms.
Thought I was tempted to buy a tiny tube of Aim toothpaste. 
We ended up with a pile of weird stuff, mostly gifts (that pig foot didn't come home with us, but I thought about it) and then headed on our way.
Archie McPhee was such a fun store, I'm so glad we were able to go when we were in Seattle!


  1. Yes!!! We spent way too long in that store...but we came home with some cool vintage stuff (patches, buttons, knee-huggers, celluloid toys). I wanted to pretend I was too cool for AMcP but I wasn't; it was fun!

  2. When I was little, I would make anything and everything into Barbie props. I know I used to make my mom buy Cinnabon cereal just so my barbies could have connabons. Those bins of tiny things just made me have the biggest heart eyes

  3. Ah! I love Archie McPhee so much!! And def one of the most fun photobooths in the city.

  4. I love all the tiny charms! I could do so much with them. When I was a teen, my mom used to get the Archie McPhee catalog and I always loved looking through it.


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