Thursday, January 14, 2016

National Dress Your Pet Day!

Did you guys know it was National Dress Your Pet Day today? I didn't either, but it was on the Pugs and Kisses calendar that my best friend Crystal bought me for Christmas. I'm so glad I procrastinated on putting it up until today or I might have missed the holiday! That is one that my household definitely observes! I couldn't resist dusting off the old pug wardrobe chest.
Wait, are you thinking....who is that HUGE pug next to the dainty Phyllis and Priscilla?
Meet Porter! We are fostering him for Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue! We've had him since a little before Christmas and he is the best. Seriously, if it were at all feasible we would keep him. He is so well behaved and sweet! He can hold a sombrero on his head for a full minute! If you are in the market for a middle aged (he is seven!) pug baby, you should check out the rescue. They cover a huge area! Though I will seriously be sad when he gets adopted.
He is so big, he wouldn't fit in any of the clothes we have. I think the skeleton suit still looked pretty good. Look at Priscilla, gazing at him (well she is probably gazing at Travis.) My two don't play, but I have caught all three of these guys napping in a line.
This dress KILLS me. I think it is the cutest one we own. 
The old girls are doing ok. Phyllis has definitely slowed down since her illness in the fall, and Priscilla has taken many tumbles since her ear drum ruptured. I have to be careful leaving her on the couch or bed, and she half fell down the two steps taking these photos. Travis caught her thankfully. They have definitely been showing their age. For now we are spending a lot of time with these two sleeping either in our laps or at our feet. That is fine with me though.
Porter! I'm so happy to have a chance to care for you boy. I hope your forever family isn't ready for you QUITE yet.


  1. I hate hearing about their problems :( but holy cow that little pug dress is adorable!

  2. Those sweet babies!! So adorable all dressed up!
    You take such good care of them and love them to pieces.!
    Here is a kiss for each one,,, And we hope they all keep doing okay!

  3. I'm obsessed with porter!! I wish I could have another dog!!!


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