Monday, January 4, 2016

Pacific North Wonderland: Seattle Day Two

When I was looking for places to stay in Seattle there were tons of fun options! I was really leaning towards staying on a boat, but was worried about how cold it would be. The weather ended up being GREAT but I'm glad we decided to stay in this yurt! It was in the backyard of a natural healing center, and so cool!
I should have taken a photo before our luggage got strewn around, but oh well. Isn't it neat? We loved that four poster bed too. We called it the Ebenezer Scrooge bed, and slept with the curtains closed. The ceiling has a skylight so it was filled with beautiful natural light during the day. It was heated with a little gas stove.
And there was a kitty in the backyard! Bonus!
One our second morning in Seattle we had breakfast at Silence Heart Nest. Isn't that the weirdest name for a restaurant? There had been a lot of indulgence in the previous week so we started with some fresh juice.
And finished with pancakes and biscuits and gravy. Ha! Well it is all about balance I guess. 
We were in Freemont so we walked a few blocks to pay our respects to the Freemont Troll. 
Our big event of the day was a visit to the EMP Museum. That stands for Experience Music Project. They had a horror movie exhibit, which we really wanted to see. Sadly we were a few weeks too early for the Hello Kitty one!
While we were sitting out front we saw this girl trying really hard to get a selfie with her dog. I've been there.
To get to the horror exit, which was called "Can't Look Away" you walked down this creepy red lit staircase surrounded by screaming faces. Awesome!
They had all kinds of cool props, like the axe from The Shining and the Xenomorph costume from Alien! Ah!
They had Mr. Pointy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer! And the Book of Ascension. I think we need to watch the whole series again.
They also had a Critter! The cover of Critters used to scare me so bad as a kid! I always saw it at Blockbuster when I was there with my dad. I've always been a chicken. 
They had a scream booth too, that took your photo. We learned after doing it that it was NOT sound proof.
I really loved these little booths they had to watch short films about some of the most influential horror movies. It looked like you were trapped in some dark woods, and they had a scary horror soundtrack going. It was amazing.
The horror section gave way to a Science Fiction exhibit. Woah! They had a fake star ship bridge (it was so crowded we never got to get to it) and cool props from stuff like Ghostbusters and Alien and Star Wars (and Trek!)
I'll take this little guy for my personal collection, thanks!
I loved this big display case of alien and space weapons. So cool!
The EMP just kept getting cooler. We went upstairs to the indie gaming exhibit next. 
It was full of all kinds of interesting games! People sit and play FOREVER though. The only ones open seemed to be broken in some way. I stood waiting for this cool linx game for probably 20 minutes but never got a chance to try. Bummer.
The one game we did get to play was Binding of Issac, which was so fun and weird!
There was a Fantasy exhibit too. They had weapons from Lord of the Rings, David Bowie's goblin king stretch pants, and Sirius Black's coat! They had lots of stuff from The Princess Bride, including Buttercup's beautiful wedding gown. I loved the felt aplique on the guard's costume from the Wizard of Oz. And did you know the Cowardly Lion's costume was made from real lion pelts? The sign said it was almost unbearably hot under the stage lights. 
We spent over four hours at the EMP! Highly recommend if you are in town! It is right next to the Space Needle. We didn't end up going up, but it was so cool looking!


  1. That EMP place looks awesome!!! AND THAT EXHIBIT LOOKS PERFECT! Ugh. Now I want to go to Seattle

    1. it is so cool. there is a huge room upstairs with every instrument you can imagine and you can record songs and stuff! and vote on different top ten lists!

  2. Go up the space needle next time. It is actually pretty cool too!

    1. i think we will! i was torn this time because it was the end of our trip and we had already spent so much money! haha

  3. Ooo, that yurt looks amazing. One of my all-time fave memories at the EMP was the opening reception party for the Can't Look Away exhibit. Glad it's still up! We also screamed for real, not knowing it would carry waaay outside of the scream booth! My crush on Eli Roth was fever pitch at the time so I basically lost my shit when he came over and said 'hi' to me 'n' my friend.

    1. ohmy gosh that is amazing! i didn't know I was in love with Eli Roth before, I would have died if he had said hi to me!


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