Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Photo an Hour: Porter's Transport Day!

7am: Our foster pug Porter was adopted last week, and his new home is in Maryland. We volunteered to take the first four and a half hour leg of his transport to Kingsport, Tn. Honestly, I wish we could have driven him the whole way! We got up at 7 am on Sunday morning, and had a special cinnamon roll breakfast.
8 am: Kiss Phyllis and Priscilla goodbye and hit the road. It is weird being back to just two pugs after having Porter for about 7 weeks.
9 am: On the road. Podcast listening (The Read).
10 am: Porter started off in the back in his crate. I knew he had a big day ahead and thought maybe he would get some sleep in there. No way! He was up watching us the whole time. It wasn't long until he was in my lap in the front seat.
11 am: Pit stop somewhere in East Tennessee.
12 am: We were meeting the people taking him on to Wytheville, Va at about 12:30 so I was starting to feel very sentimental. I cuddled him close for the last little bit we had. I'm really going to miss Mr. Porter. He is a very special pug and his new family is so lucky to have him.
We're back on the foster list. We might not get another pug for a while, you never know!
1 pm: Heading back home. There were definitely a few minutes of tears, but I'm so happy that Porter got a great home. Fostering is hard for me because I always get attached, but I think it is so important. It makes it so rescue's can take in more animals in need, and it is fun to have a temporary new dog. I'm happy we are able to do it.
2pm: We decided to stop at The Tomato Head in Knoxville on the way back as a special treat.We split a vegan pizza and a Kepner melt, which is the best sandwich in Tennessee! And that pizza! Every time we get it we always question whether it is the vegan one, because the soy cheese is so good! Mmm, I wish they would open one in Nashville.

3 pm: Sadly, they were out of the amazing vegan lemon cookies. Actually, they had two but a guy in front of us in line bought them! No! So we went to Whole Foods and I got this cute cupcake! Sadly, it didn't taste that great.
4 pm: Back on the road. I was getting real bored of being in the car. 8 hours in one day!  I played the game I'm currently really into, Juice Jam! The graphics are so cute, and it doesn't tempt me to spend real money, haha! I also LOVE that Japanese stray cat game, Neko Atsume.
5 pm: Still on the road. Listening to the Moth by this time. Maybe I should have picked a different day to do this kind of post....
6pm: For the last hour of our drive we switched to my world famous musical playlist. Travis and I both love singing along with the big solos. For some reason this time it was mostly playing Dreamgirls and Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny on shuffle. Not that I'm complaining!
We got back in town just in time to watch Grease! Live with our friends Kimmie and Ryan. I got distracted by the show starting.
Did you watch it? I thought it was pretty good! Especially the way they were able to film the big scenes at the dance and the school carnival live, and the cute dude who played Doody. My main complaint is was that the guy playing Danny. He didn't seem like a bad boy at all! Too twerpy.

I love photo an hour posts and I'm going to try to do several this year. Here's to more blogging in 2016!


  1. Where are all the pictures of twerpy zucko or Newman trying to attack Travis

    1. i can't believe i didn't take any! what was I thinking? (too distracted by bobo bruno mars)

  2. Danny was kind of a goofy twerp in the original movie though. When I was little I didn't think so but upon later rewatchings I realized that he's not all that together. I mean, he's not Putsie but he's not Kenickie or the Scorpions dude either.

    Ah, fostering is so hard. I do it for work constantly and I'm lucky that I usually get to meet the adopters because they come to my office for the meet & greet and we process the adoptions from that location (it's offices and not our shelter). But it is so hard to try to get shy cats to trust humans, then hand them over to someone else when the cat has no idea what's going on and has to start the process all over again in a new place with a new person. The hope is that the human-bond pattern they learned with us is transferable. And it usually is! I've had some really great updates on past adoptees lately - Egypt, Moni, Patrick. So that makes it all worth it. But I think fostering takes the biggest softest and most pragmatic heart to keep doing it over and over again because it is often literally life-saving work. You're such a good egg, Rae! Congrats on Porter's adoption!

    1. you know, watching it as an adult i see that he is a total jerk, but he IS really cute. haha!

      i can't even imagine fostering cats! that is SUCH a process, and my cats had a hard time every time we added one, I can't even!


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