Monday, March 28, 2016

First Subscription Box: Doki Doki Bummertime.

::this has been in my drafts for a minute, so it is a little late. still wanted to post it for people looking to see if the Doki Doki box is for them::

I'm sure you've seen subscription boxes all over the internet. I am fascinated by them and had been dying to try one. How fun does it seem to get a monthly box of surprises in the mail! But which one?
Not a beauty box. I have worked in the natural beauty industry for the past five years so I have TONS of product and am kinda picky. Not a food one because none of the vegan ones are that interesting to me. I DO love kawaii Japanese stuff......I had been looking at the Doki Doki box from the makers of Japan Crate (a monthly kawaii food box) and when they advertised that their February box would be Studio Ghibli themed I decided to go for it! I was excited to post about it because I assumed it would be awesome.
Got that pink box in the mail, so excited!
Oooo look at how cute the inside of the box is!
So at first it looks really cute, I was even excited. Then I realized it was all bootleg stuff! Bad quality bootleg stuff! Licensed stuff from Studio Ghibli is pretty expensive, but with a $30 price tag for the box, you expect at least one or two official items. There were also only two Ghibli things. Womp womp.
Gudetama is one of my favorite characters (he is a lazy egg) but this little charm is such a bad bootleg. Not only does the chain come right out of his face for some reason, they didn't even sculpt a little butt. That is the best part of Gudetama! So disappointing.
This Jiji purse was the only thing in the box I actually liked. It would be perfect for taking out when I just need my id and some cash. But look at how wonky it is! That bow!
Here is the other "Ghibli" item. It is supposed to be a kawaii No Face from Spirited Away. That is my favorite Ghibli movie, and one of my favorite movies of all time, but this weird badly made little thing was not cute to me.
Here is everything from the box. There were some bootleg card capture sakura stuff, some 100 yen (or dollar store) items that were cute (like the little sticky notes and the wooden animals) and that plastic cat which is apparently a bootleg of a Japanese KFC toy. Definitely not worth $30.
After I received this box I looked online and apparently lots of people were disappointed by the quality. I was able to send it all back and get a full refund, but I didn't cancel my subscription in time so it looks like I'm getting the March box too. Hopefully it is better. I will still cancel, and see if maybe another subscription box is a better fit for me.


  1. I've never gotten one of these boxes, but have definitely seen/heard all about the crappy bootleg stuff they were sending. Supposedly they're restructuring/fixing the issue, but who knows. I review a ton of subscription boxes on my blog... I have a handy dandy directory so you can sort by interest (geek/gamer, vegan, etc.). I'm kind of addicted, so if you have any box-related questions I'm happy to help. ;) Oh, here's my site:

  2. That's too bad that the box was disappointing. I thought about subscribing to one of those last year then a youtuber I follow did an unboxing of that subscription box and I decided not to do it. I kinda feel like I could just take however much money you'd spend on the box and get a few things I actually like/ are into. Hopefully the next box will be better or you'll find another subscription box that you like. I'd definitely recommend looking them up on youtube before you buy though, just to get a flavor of what you actually get.

  3. I find alot of the subscription boxes are a bit dissapointing. We get bark box but Im letting it expire because sometimes the dogs love the stuff and sometimes they dont like it all. I just feel picking it out myself its a better chance. I think subscription boxes are a little iffy, sometimes you love them sometimes not


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