Saturday, April 18, 2009

Demetri Martin

all right you guys. i think my best week ever is finally over. how sad. last night Caitlin and i went to see Demetri Martin! I didn't think i was going to be in town so I didn't buy tickets before but Caitlin was awesome and offered me her extra ticket!

i didn't take that picture. and it's not from last night. but he DID do that joke. The show was really really good. He was on stage for almost two hours (he said because the audience was nice). He did a bunch of adorable songs and drawings and showed some fliers he made. My favorite song was ways to ask your lady to marry you. He also did a joke request part where people could yell out their favorites and he could do them. Which i thought was weird. because why do you want to hear things you already know the punch line too? but then he did the "cotton balls" bit, and I understood. after the show he did a question and answer, and someone asked him about flight of the conchords. he said that he texted bret the other day, and jemaine texted him back (which is SO ADORABLE) and jemaine told him "i like that place" in reference to nashville.  
after it was over we had a hard time deciding where to lurk for a meet and greet. we stood in front of the theatre for a while, but were the only ones. we decided to take a walk around the building before we left and horray! he was out back, talking to a small group of people. maybe 15. he was really really nice! he talked to us a lot and asked me questions about my tattoo. he thanked caitlin for buying his dvd andcd, and tried to tell her about some hidden goodies in the menu. this is the second picture like this caitlin took. after the first one he was like "oh let's get one of these pictures!" and did that nice pose.  
gosh he's so cute! this is the fifth one of my favorites I've met this year. and they've all been amazingly nice! i can't believe it! (stephen colbert, david sedaris, bret and jemaine). now i'm in atlanta setting up the staging for Rhinestone Beauties Nationals. I'll be back sunday night! and then monday i'm going to help crystal buy a dog!

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