Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

i went to my parents house yesterday for mother's day. my mom got a new (to her) car this weekend and was really excited about it. it's the same car that michael scott owned. hahah. and because it was mother's day i let her keep the top down and didn't complain. we went to the mall to get a gift for her mom. we went to talbots, and there is a saleswoman there who dresses my grandma for every season. when my mom would pick stuff up she would yell across the store "NO she wouldn't wear that! you are in the WRONG section." it was so funny.  

but i got to see meg. who i miss so much. we were supposed to see the nashville symphony in the park, but it got cancelled. so we went to my aunt lisa's house. she has cute little dachshunds. i gave my grandma her birthday presents and she seemed to really love them.

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