Monday, May 4, 2009

pushing daisies

target had the first season of pushing daisies on sale for 13 dollars so travis and i bought it even though we had never seen it. AND I LOVE IT!! why didn't someone tell me the show was so awesome? i'm sad to find out that it got cancelled and they didn't finish airing the second season. i was looking forward to liking something current for once! oh man i'm so glad to be home. travis and i have been laughing all night. i was reading aloud from a john waters book earlier and we were both CRYING. i talk a LOT when i get home from these trips. i bet travis misses the quiet. haha.


  1. I know this post is from 2009, but another post recommended it and I had to comment because DUDE I am still mad at how they ended this show! I loved the show so much and then they just jerked us around. I suppose one day I may make peace with it but, you know, dang!

    1. seriously, i dont understand what the heck happened!! one of the best shows on tv!


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