Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let's Make This Last Forever BFF Blink 182 St. Louis Road Trip

finally, st. louis to see blink 182 trip post!! we took way to many pictures and i couldn't even bring myself to go through them for a week.

we planned on leaving really early so we got up with marc (he had to work) at 6 am and went to the nashville biscuit house. our currant food obsession.

i always get the nashvillian. travis gets the hap townes. which i think it fun to say. i love home fries. so much better than hash browns.

it was a beautiful day. we stopped at a truck stop so crystal could get a "fun drink." i can't believe that thing is so pink! it looks like pepto bismol!

we stopped in metropolis of course. but not for 4 hours like last time. we just went to the statue and took a few pictures.

that dummy isn't so creepy until you notice the weird little tiny legs. and look at those cute wonder woman scissors!

we stopped at this little restaurant called dolly's. look at those sweet menus! hand written specials and random pocahontas clip art! meeko and flit were all over the menu. why??

i got potato soup and a grilled cheese. just four bucks. perfect.

then it was nap time. the car was so warm and nice.

ah the arch! i don't know why it's so exciting to see. we were screaming and annoying travis until we passed out of downtown and to our hotel. it was near the airport. not as awesome as our hotel last time.

time to get ready. i just wore the same outfit i wore in the car. you can't really see it but crystal made that shirt and i love it so much. it has the blink 182 bunny in the middle and in the circle around it says 'girls are such a drag' so cute.

traffic was really bad so we missed the first band, and only saw two and a half fall out boy songs. which doesn't bother me at all. they played "don't stop believin'" which was pretty awesome. some jerks were sitting in our seats! we had to get someone who worked there to evict them. so annoying.

oh, and i didn't take my nice camera, and crystal didn't take hers with the great zoom. this is my old little point and shoot. i hid it in my bag, the security girl saw it and didn't care. so the pics are kinda crummy. but these are the best of the 160 i took. haha. our seats were actually really great.

they redid the bunny logo. it is so ugly and stupid now. the lights/screen combo they had was really cool. travis barker also did a drum solo where the platform he was on rose 50 feet above the stage and tilted up and spun. it was so dumb/awesome.

i obviously didn't take those close ones. i stole them off of flickr. mark hoppus was so cute all night. tom was kinda of acting like he was over it. and messing up all the words and burping. hahah. they didn't do that many jokes though. it was still awesome.

there we are during the finale! so stoked! to bad the confetti didn't shoot all over the whole crowd. the "pit" seats were 200 dollars though!! the seats we had were just 27.50 (plus a million dollars in fees). we screamed so much! i didn't want it to be over.

get it? get it? we are the biggest nerds.

we waited in line forever for shirts. before we talked about how it was all too expensive, but we were filled with joy afterwards so we would buy anything. to bad almost everything they had was ugly or stupid. they had one really awesome shirt. marissa ended up getting the last small at the stand so we had to run around looking for another one for crystal. then travis picked us up (he didn't go to the show. he doesn't care about blink 182)

we went to steak and shake. we broke the "only places we can't eat at home" rule because it was so late.

twins ready for bed! hahaha. so the show was awesome. i still wish weezer had opened like originally planned, but we had a really great time.

the next morning we went to the arch, a wax museum, and the city museum (the coolest place i've ever been. it gets its own post) i'll post about those soon.

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  1. i went to the blink-182 show and weezer opened (who were awesome, why didn't they open for you guys - so stupid! don't they know who you are?!) but you're adventure looks so much more exciting than my 20 minute drive to get to a venue i've been to a million times before, lol.


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