Monday, October 19, 2009

Saint Louis Trip: Day Two

it's freezing in our house now! we are trying to be cheap and not buy propane so we don't have any heat. and the low today is 40. dang i want a snuggie. for real.

here are some more pictures from our st. louis trip! from when we went up in the arch and to a creepy wax museum.

we got up early wednesday morning and went and parked downtown near the arch. it's right on the riverfront.

i don't know why this was so exciting. but it was! the arch is so giant and cool!

there is a little pod you can get in to see what you will be riding to the top of the arch in. but it was much cuter in person....

it was so fun/scary going up! it takes longer than you expect, and you can see the inside of the arch. lots of bolts and metal. lots of squealing from the girls.

up at the top you are in a little curved room with tiny windows to look out of. so awesome. even if it was the same view you get from a plane pretty much.

that guy was in charge of getting people back into the pods. he was overly mean about it though. then, a random man was in our pod with us on the way down! hahaha, i think he was supposed to go in the one in front of us. it was awkwardly awesome. travis is laughing right now thinking about it.

there were cute cobblestone streets as we walked to the wax museum.

the lobby was already fun! it was only five bucks for the wax museum. can you believe it was the first one i've ever been to?

there were lots of creepy statues there. we never figured out who that creep on the right was supposed to be.

my favorite part was a display about henry VIII and his wives. mostly because there was a really loud song playing, the refrain of which was " divorced beheaded and died! divorced beheaded survived!!!!" and it was skipping and adding "and died!!!" in weird places. we went in that room twice.

then we went down stairs into the chamber of horrors. which was honestly terrifying! all kinds of creepy dioramas of people getting murdered. and hitler. and dracula.

then we left and walked back to the car. this little downtown part of st. louis was so cute.
then it was off to the city museum. which gets its own post because it was so amazing.

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  1. creep on the right is Salvador Dali - funny


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