Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Moon Birthday Party!

oh man, i almost forgot to tell you about the new moon birthday party i went to! now, to clarify, i am a fan girl, but i'm not really into twilight. but my friend brittany at work is REALLY into twilight. and has been since the books came out. years of crazy obsession. and it just so happens the first two movies have come out on her birthday. which is like a fangirl dream come true. haha. so here is her new moon themed-party. it was pretty awesome. from one fangirl to another.

also, if you invite me to a midnight movie premiere, even if i don't know much about it, i'll probably go. i like all the excitement and people screaming at the screen.

i made the cheeseball and star crackers again, but with a new moon theme. haha. red bell pepper crescent moons. i'm so glad my grandma gave me that cheeseball recipe. it sounds gross (cream cheese, onion, bell pepper, pineapple, and garlic salt) but is so so so delicious. i just need to get the right cookie cutter so the crackers will be big enough for dipping.

the path to her doorway was lined with these wolf lumineria. SO CUTE! i could never get a good not blurry picture of them though.

the birthday girl! with her new moon tattoos she has been saving forever. haha.

blood punch!

vegetable pot pies that brittany made. i need to get her recipe because these were so awesome.

she based her party on bella's party from the second book. she had roses everywhere, she made felt new moon themed ornaments for her little tree. and got everyone to dress up. well, almost everyone.

tori, jess, and joe
crystal's mom got her that weasel necklace for her birthday. i'm so jealous! the sign in the antique shop allegedly said it was cursed!

marc, making his best jasper face.

travis, finally wearing his skinny tie and cute vest.

her dog, darla, is so cute. she is supposedly a yorkie but i've never seen one that color.

brittany is so fun to buy presents for, because she gets so excited!! here she is loving her coffin gift box!she LOVED our gift. she had been wanting a vintage, ice blue, cake plate for a while. i randomly found one in an antique shop a few weeks ago. perfect!

there was a new moon trivia contest. brittany wrote the questions. it was so hard! i won, but with only 17 out of a possible 30 points.

we left for the theater around ten. to pass the time we played a new game we made up, hot war! i gave crystal a deck of elvis cards, with all different pictures. so we played three way war, and the hottest picture won. it was so fun!

so the movie, was so fun to watch! the audience was perfect. screaming at everything. there was an older lady behind us, who cursed appreciatively every time someone was shirtless. and at the end, when edward asks bella to marry him, the whole place went NUTS!! screaming and flailing! all 500 people in the theater. such a great midnight movie experience. i hated reading the book new moon, so slow and boring. i'm glad the movie cut out most of bella's moping around. even though from the movies you still can't really tell why bella is so obsessed with edward (but to tell you the truth,i never saw it in the books either.)

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