Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nashville Flood: Part One

so it's raining like crazy in tennessee today and we are stranded at whole foods! when we got here customer's cars were FLOATING AWAY in teh parking lot. there is water in the store, halfway back is flooded. they've barricaded the front doors so no more will come it.

and it's not supposed to stop raining until midnight. omg i want to go home so bad. our basement is getting wet and we don't have flood insurance and i'm freaking out.

so send me some good thoughts so we don't get washed away! we will literally probably have to swim to our car to get home. daaangggg it!!

EDIT: We finally got to leave! it took us an hour and a half to get home! (it usually takes 15 minutes) so much craziness.



can you see the bags of compost we used to try and keep the water out? the picture with the truck in in, it actually got deeper than that! the carts were almost submerged.

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  1. I am working my way through my archives like I do when I find a new blog, and I just wanted to say--we were at this Whole Foods when the flood came (or at least I think it was this one--by the Target? The Wal-Mart in your follow-up post makes me think yes). We were having lunch in the cafeteria and my friend went out for a smoke, came back immediately, and said we had to go cos it was flooding.

    He's got a tendency for hyperbole so we sorta slowly emptied our trays and rolled our eyes and then had to apologize so hard as soon as we got out the door. We were one of the ones that managed to drive away before it got too deep, but I was ankle-deep in water sitting in the front seat.

    We made it to Cracker Barrel before we got stranded (eating cobbler and staring out the window in shock), but since everything's on a hill we managed to get home via back streets. A couple of times we almost turned around because the water was totally over the road, but then some reckless idiot would plow through it in a tiny sports car and we'd see it was only a few inches deep and proceed on the heels of their exploration.

    It was scary! And I ruined my favourite pair of flats :( They were suede. I guess we're all lucky that was all that we lost though.


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