Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nashville Flood: Part Two

so we are doing ok compared to a lot of people around her. our basement is flooded, but only a few inches. our sump pump is working hard and we've been bailing it out with buckets.
it's supposed to rain for a few more hours today! ahhh!!!
our back patio is the only flooded place in our yard. luckily we are kind of up hill, all the water is rushing away down the road.
across the street is worse off than us. our store is closed. not because of dangerous conditions, but just because not enough people were coming in to open the store. so stupid. we weren't even going to attempt to go out. we have been sitting here watching the news and they keep having to ask people to please stay home because they keep having to rescue idiots who are going out joy riding.

look at this!!!

interstate 24!!!!!
the walmart near our house!!

EDIT: they just said we've gotten our highest two day rain total ever: 13 inches! and places outside of town got lots more.

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