Thursday, January 20, 2011

i finally have something to post about! i think january is always a quiet blogging month for me. i can't wait for it to warm up so we can have some good adventures. we are going to knoxville tomorrow to visit dana and participate in a beard pageant. i'm really excited about it!
i've been trying to take my lunch in my bento box to work. nothing too fancy, i don't have many supplies yet, but here is the cutest one i've made so far i think:
polka dot sandwich. vegan japanese style potato salad with animal pics, hummus in a puppy cup and carrots. so cute and fun. even if i got made fun of sooo much at work.
this may be really dumb, but for some reason i assumed that the library didn't have anything new and interesting to me. which is crazy, i know. so i gave travis part of my "to read list" that i've been keeping for years and most of it is at our downtown library! and i can get anything transfered to the little library down the street from our house so i can avoid all the homeless men looking at pictures of girls in bikinis at the downtown library! i'm so excited!
it's snowing right now, our 5th snow of the winter! which is really really unusual for tennessee. the snow actually stuck around for 5 days in a row about a week ago. that hasn't ever happened that i can remember.

we ended up with a little path through our yard. phyllis won't potty in the snow. so we had to take her back to a bare patch of ground under our cedar tree. i might try getting her some little doggie booties to see if that helps her. (i saw dog bunny slippers that i want real bad.)
DEER TRACKS! in my backyard! i don't know how that could possibly happen because i wouldn't expect any deer to be anywhere near where we live. it was so cute. there were lots of prints from porch kitty franklin. i felt bad for him out in the snow.
oh phyllis! she is so freaking cute. she is at my parents house tonight because they are watching her while we're out of town. i miss her!

the other night crystal's husband asked me to spend the night with her because he wasn't going to be home. i said yes of course and we decided to finally go to PLAY. we always want to, but the drag show isn't until 11 and we're old and boring now. but we got dressed and put on false eye lashes and went alone. it was so fun! we kept calling it "independence day" haha. because we've never been downtown without our husbands.
here is a cell phone picture of us sitting front row. which was also brave because that's where you get picked on. but we didn't. oh man the costumes were so good! the last few times we went were amateur nights and this was so much better. we also went into the big dance room between shows and once the lights were down and the fog was on we got brave and danced in public and had such a great time. we didn't get home until 3 am. it was awesome. we're going to do it more often.
did i post about my glasses yet? i just got them. i've worn contacts for years and years and i decided to give my eye balls a break. we have really good insurance through work so i want all out and got real wayfares. i love them so much!

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