Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Atlanta Aquarium

on the second day of our vacation we went down to hotlanta. our main objective was to go to ikea, but i also wanted to go to the aquarium. i've been twice, but travis never has. it's really nice. here are a few pictures:

when you first walk in they have two tanks like this on either side of the entrance. they are set up in a way that the fish are always swimming towards the door. it looks pretty awesome.
oh, did i mention we went on a saturday? big mistake. it was so freaking crowded.

it was also "princess day"

i wish i would have known! i probably would have dressed up (super nerd.)

i really loved these fish. i don't know what kind they were.

of course you have to take a thousand pictures of the jellyfish. i couldn't get a good one. blarg, too crowded and stinky.

this was cool. the anemones were whipping around with the fake current and it was so pretty! not so cool, there were clownfish in it and every .5 seconds some parent would scream "do you see NEMO!!!!" over and over and over.

we walked by this touch pool and i was like, woah what's going on? why does everyone look so sad? it turned out it was the animals 15 minute break. 
people were just standing there staring sadly into the water.

i love the beluga whales. look at those bubbles!

i thought the picture of the sea otter was really silly!

this ray was SO BIG. it kind of freaked me out.

whale sharks! the biggest fish in the world! so awesome. apparently you can scuba drive in this big tank!

big viewing window. this is the biggest tank in the world by volume or something. you can have sleepovers in this room.

big old grumpy grouper.

i actually resisted and didn't get anything in the gift shop!

i did see a white witch.


  1. i hate dealing with kids at aquariums. i wish they had "adult night" or something to avoid those nemo moms.

  2. WOw! I love looking at your aquarium pictures! Also, what do the animals do on their breaks? Vent about how dumb they think kids are?

  3. why was every child there costumed? Theme aquarium party?!?!?


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