Sunday, March 20, 2011

staycation day one: yardwork

one of the things i wanted to get done on our vacation from work was finding the flower bed that used to be here:

you can kind of make out where the bricks have sunk in that used to define it. it is right next to the side door, which is how we always come in so i wanted something nice to see when i get home. it seems like it should be easy but i really didn't even know where to start so i asked my dad to come over and help me. he and my mom had taken the week off too and he came over on friday. it's nothing fancy but i'm really happy with how it came out.

we found a little skull in the dirt!

dirty hands. i was smart for once and didn't take lots of pictures and get dirt all in my camera, so here is how it looked when my dad left:

those are red tulips. in the fall i'm going to plant some buttercup bulbs.

i don't know what those are called. i wanted to fill up the bed for the rest of the spring so we went to home depot.

and got pansies. they always make me think of alice in wonderland (the disney version)

i really liked this. it was Mediterranean something or other. but i decided to go slow and only buy a few things until i can prove to myself that i'll take care of the yard.

what we got. plus some cute moss ground cover for the front.

we got a new faucet too. travis' project for the day was installing a new sink.

phyllis hated being tied up. but it was the only way i was going to let her be outside the fence.

i planted most of them. but got really tired by the end and got travis to help.

so there it is! nothing fancy but i really enjoy seeing it when i come home from work. can't wait until my four o'clocks come up for the summer!
we also cleaned up and mulched the front bushes, travis trimmed all the trees, and we raked up most of the leaves from last fall. i felt very accomplished.

you wanted to see another picture of my quince bush you said? hahah. i need to stop going back there with my camera. i can't resist.
here it travis' projuct. before:

this sink wasn't terrible, just a little rusty. and the faucet would drip if you left the hot water turned on so we had to reach under and turn it on every time we wanted to use it.

he got a cast iron sink for 30 bucks! i wanted a white sink. travis making that face because he is screwing something onto the bottom. or maybe it's just a weird smile.

ahhhh. much better.

my dad brought me some stuff out of my childhood room because they had been cleaning it out. he brought me this pug beanie baby and when i put it by phyllis she laid her little sweet head on it. precious.


  1. That's the cutest picture of Phyllis ever! Although, I thought she had the lil pug in her mouth until I read what you wrote underneath.

    Your little garden looks awesome and I love your new sink. What a score on that one!

  2. yay yardwork! that's exciting! i need to get out and work on our porch, it's a mess right now.

  3. i love the grave robber picture of you and one of your new flower babies.

  4. That is what I love most when it turns to Spring...gardening is always attempted but everything ends up dying within the month. Kudos to you two!!

  5. I hope phyllis doesnt chew the tag off. We would hate for that beanie baby to lose all that value....hahahaha


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