Friday, March 18, 2011

My brother got a puppy!

her name is amber and she is a border collie! 8 weeks old!

she has blue eyes! and look at that striped ear!

she doesn't know how to make her ears stand up yet. but when she does, they are solid brown inside! cute!!! look at travis fondling her soft little pink foot.

look at that perfect pink belly! she's so soft! like a little rabbit. she is going to have long hair!

met pretty much ignores her. i wish we could have a border collie. we just don't have the space and time you need. they are amazing dogs. so stinkin' smart.

meg is ten now! can you believe it? and the best dog that has ever walked the earth. sorry phyllis, it's true. i miss meg. hopefully she won't be too lonely now that houston is moving out. my parents have always been as obsessed with her as we were so i bet she'll be fine.
but back to amber...

what a sweet little thing! i can't wait to see her grow up!
(also, please ignore my stringy bangs. who wants to wash their hair while they are on vacation?)

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