Thursday, March 17, 2011

Around the Neighborhood

it was so beautiful out today. travis and i both got off at 5:30 so when we got home i wanted to take phyllis on a walk. then i realized she has never been on a walk down our street! except to the corner store. poor thing. we got her in novemeber so it was too cold to go out. i also have never taken my camera on one of our walks. which is weird. so here are some pictures from around our neighborhood...

our house! i still love it. travis fixed the eagle on the front so it doesn't look dumb anymore. and check out how nice the mulch looks? we did that on our "staycation" last week.

i noticed this tree at the corner of our block. teeny tiny pinecones!


do you know what kind of tree this is? there are a bunch down our street.

she is so scared to cross the street!

walking through the middle school field. sometimes there are people letting their greyhounds run on the football field. one day i will ask them if i can pet them.

awwww phyllis!!!!!

i don't want to front and make you think we live in a really nice part of town. it's in the middle.
this is why we haven't put up a new fence.

alley behind our house.

how many pictures of her can i get away with? oh i love her.

my quince bush. i'm obsessed with it.

waiting for me to stop taking pictures so he can close the gate.

hey porch kitty. what's with the mean mug?

then travis changed my oil. how manly .

i went back inside so she would stop freaking out. travis made me a delicious dinner and now we're watching the simpsons. what a nice afternoon.


  1. I have one of those trees with the pretty flowers in my idea what kind of tree it is though.


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