Thursday, April 14, 2011

First visit to Radnor Lake

i took phyllis to this beautiful park near us that we hadn't been to before. it has a great paved walkway around a lake.

phyllis has been doing really well with walks. i like to think it's a combination of the weather warming up, the supplements and good food she's been getting since we got her from the pound, and us starting out with short walks and making them a little bit longer.
i'm also really excited that i FINALLY found a harness where it doesn't matter that she is missing a leg. with the other two she had it was always slipping off and even though she probably couldn't have wiggled out of it i'm really paranoid since the accident and this one makes me feel a lot less crazy. and it's martha stewart pet, my favorite.

it was so beautiful. and a really nice day.

i carried her a backpack when she got tired. she seems to really love it.

she didn't seem that impressed with the views though.

we probably only walked half a mile but it really wore her out. i want to back with travis soon and do the whole trail.

when i got home she passed out and we lazed around on the couch watching "long way round" all night. we were totally obsessed with that show! ewan mcgreggor traveling around the world on a motorcycle? yes please!

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  1. Radnor lake is amazing. LOVE IT. Went "hiking" there with a friend last year. My battery nearly ran out and we were about a half mile from my was scary stuff.


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