Friday, April 15, 2011

Ode to Istanbul

i'm going to do a little series about my favorite places in nashville. istanbul is a non de-script restaurant that is really close to our house off of nolensville road. dana introduced us to the wonder of their falafel and fries. incredible. best fries in nashville. travis brought home take out from their all the time. so the other day he made me go with him.

travis got a falafel plate. oh man, i've never had better. it's always crispy and perfect.

we ordered so much food! platters and soup AND fries. he wouldn't let me get baklava.

my sandwich. mmmmmmm i want another one right now.

lovin his soup.

my lilac bush! the blooms are already gone. it got messed up in the storms recently so hopefully it will come back stronger next year.

my pretty pink dogwood is blooming too. i'm so glad the lady who lived here before us planted so much pretty stuff.

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