Sunday, April 24, 2011

Water for Elephants

i went to see water for elephants by myself tonight because no one wanted to go with me. and i loved it! it wasn't as good as the book of course (nothing ever is) but it was still great. and the styling! amazing! all the costumes and the sets and just everything! it was beautiful! i couldn't find any really great pictures online. reese witherspoon looked so beautiful with those curls and her circus costumes! and i really enjoyed robert pattinson, and christoph waltz is so good at playing a bad guy!

so i give it an enthusiastic good review and you should go see it! if you are interested, read the book first so you can experience the story. i kind of want to go see it again.
also, a SMALL popcorn at the theater was six freaking dollars! i was like, oh i'm using my birthday money, i'll splurge and get some popcorn but i just couldn't do it. a large was 11! last time i bought popcorn a large was 8! haha, i kept texting travis about it cuz i couldn't get over it.


  1. Yeah, Its best to wait for stimulus tuesday's $1 popcorn :)

  2. hahaha...that's what i was thinking of doing, waiting for stimulus tuesday!
    : ) this mama can't afford $11 popcorn! glad to hear you liked it, i agree, movies can't possibly live up to books but i'm glad you gave it a good review. can't wait to see the costumes - and that is one of my very favorite time periods!

  3. if i lived by you, i would have gone with you!
    i've been wanting to see this so bad!
    i'm for sure going to go now.



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