Monday, May 2, 2011

i hope you like pictures of pugs.

pricilla and phyllis have been getting along famously. the first night we tried to let them both sleep in our room but the snoring and grunting and breathing and running around was SO LOUD we decided to try and make them sleep in the utility room. i full expected for there to be barking and whining but they were perfectly quiet and seem to be content sleeping together! they don't even bark in the morning. it is so awesome. i didn't realize how often i was getting woken up having phyllis sleep with us. even though she always slept at the end above the covers.
here are some pictures of our ladies:

doesn't phyllis look like a sad sack compared to priscilla? haha. you can see that they are about the same size, priscilla just has about 8 more pounds on her. we're working on that.

also, my rose bush is FINALLY blooming. i was worried something was wrong because every other rose bush in the neighborhood is full of huge lovely flowers and mine was bare. yay! i can't wait to have flowers to cut! i think my zinnias are doing well too.

i needed to weed the front beds so i took the girls with me and tied them to the front porch.

they had a really good time barking at everyone who walked by. it's funny how different their barks are. priscilla's is much deeper. also, animal control let me have that harness when i took priscilla home. i didn't realize until i looked at these pictures how ill fitting it is. oops, guess i forgot to adjust it.

then we went to the backyard and i let them wander around before the rain came. i felt like it was going to start pouring any minute but it never started.

put them up on the picnic table try and get a good together shot. it wasn't hot out, priscilla just pants as soon as she gets even a little bit excited. when they are together it really shows how far from breed standard phyllis is. not that i care at all. she is my perfect little gremlin. pugs are supposed to be black just on their face, phyllis' whole head is pretty much black, and she has black hairs all down her back. 

she already trusts us and will roll over for a belly scratch. she is still going through the phase that rose and phyllis when through where if i leave the room even for 5 seconds to grab my phone she has to follow me. soon she'll learn that i'll come back and she'll wait for me. 

my little pin up.

so things are going incredibly well. i think phyllis likes having a companion. she always wants to play with the cats but they avoid her. she has only been mean when priscilla gets too close to her food bowl. so we're feeding them separately for now. 

we have an appointment with our vet for thursday so here's hoping she doesn't have any serious problems. no hip dysplasia please. i don't think it is because she will let your move her legs around and doesn't act like she is in pain. i think it's just stiffness/age. and hopefully her eyes are just a little irritated and she isn't going to need eye medicine. but if she does we will work through it.


  1. I LOVE pictures of pugs! :)

    Phyllis looks so sad!

  2. omg theyre so cute, especially together.

  3. did you see the pugs not drugs teeshirt at uo? i saw it today and thought of you.

  4. What delightful little girls. Thank you so much for sharing them as part of Tuesday Treasures. And thank goodness for wonderful people like you who really love and care for their pets.

  5. I adore seeing pictures of peoples pets, especially 3 legged dogs! :) I have special tripod pup too. Loving your blog too btw! Just found and am getting all caught up. Thanks for posting your adventures in getting booth selling. I'm in the final stages of taking that step as well and I'm scared to pieces. I'll watch anxiously to see how it works out for you. Take care ~ Sherry


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