Sunday, May 1, 2011

Faux Deer Head

right now im laying in bed in front of the fan with my two puggy ladies snoring laying as close to me as they can listening to patsy cline. i'm feeling so content. travis is over at a friend's house. i was a party pooper and just wanted to come home after work. yesterday we both opened, then volunteered to go to chatanooga (about two hours away) to help stock the shelves of the whole foods there. they lost power for 20 hours and lost all of the perishable stuff. we got back home at 2 am then worked again today. i'm tired.

i found these pictures i meant to post a while ago. i'm thinking it was at least a month ago! so here was a craft day we had at crystal's house where i started my papier mache deer head. i think anyone who knows me IRL knows that i'm kind of obsessed with taxidermy. but i don't know if i could actually own any. so this is the next best thing.

i love this basket i was given for christmas. so handy to take stuff to someone else's house. murray loves it too. 

travis found me a vintage cosmetology textbook. pretty awesome. i took it to crystal's with me so we could learn about finger waves. 

after looking up lots of papier mache techniques online i decided to buy this. sta-flo. it was about 4 bucks i think? and it was awesome. no mixing and no flour that can go bad and make your stuff stink. i would definitely recommend it. and i barely used any of it for this project. it will probably last me for years. 

crystal brought out this deer to act as my model. her step son jamison has really learned how to ruin pictures. haha. and i almost bought masking tape but then dug through my supplies and found that huge stack. i've been hoarding it since high school!

balloons and cardboard are the best i think. i worked on the face FOREVER.

we taught jamison about pringle duck lips. we helped him with his homework too. something about trains and america. 

marissa working on her little head.

the neck took lots of fiddling to get it the right width.

all in all i bet i worked on it 6 hours that day. and since then, it's been sitting in my living room. i can't decide how to finish it. i don't want to paint it realistically because i think it will look silly. i might spray paint it white and see how that looks. crystal suggesting covering it in fabric. i just don't know. i don't want to ruin it. i want to hang it over my mantle when it's done. 

sometimes bira likes to sit on a high stool like a person. too bad she is the worst dog in the world. haha. (kidding crittle)


  1. Yanno what works really well? That green floral foam. You can carve it, then papier mache it. I was so mad when my best friend's papier mache diorama of an arizona animal won the contest in 4th grade because her mom had carved hers for her out of foam and all she did was put the newspaper and paste on, then paint it. Cheater!


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