Thursday, April 28, 2011

Introducing Priscilla!

sooooo, who didn't see this coming...

please meet our new addition. Miss Priscilla!

she is eight years old. she was found as a stray. she is a chunky little thing, literally twice as big as phyllis! she has funny stiff legs that i think will get better when she loses some weight and is on some supplements for a while. she is so so sweet and follows you constantly and whines when you are petting her if she isn't close enough to her. she loves dogs and cats. they are both sleeping right next to each other on the couch right now.

she turned out to be exactly what we wanted. an older pug who is a little slow moving so she doesn't overwhelm phyllis. so welcome to the family priscilla!
i ended up changing her name because she didn't know the one they were calling her by. parsley was cute put it was too close to presley and i didn't like that. and now i can call her prissy for short. haha.


  1. so sweet. love older dogs. so sweet and well mannered. ps. totally I was out to eat with some friends and totally mentioned the antwon dobbins pug from the pug fashion show you went to. IT still makes me giggle to think about it.


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