Thursday, April 28, 2011

Date day with Travis

travis and i were off together on tuesday. recently it feels like we never have a day off together. it kind of stinks. so since we had the whole day we went out for brunch at pancake pantry. it was awesome to go so late, we didn't have to wait an hour to get in!

mmmm. i don't care if people think it's touristy, i love their pancakes and hash browns. travis always gets the buckwheat pancakes. i think the whipped butter might be my favorite part.
afterwards we went looking for a new wedding ring for me. since i broke my engagement ring at work last year i'm always scared to wear my wedding ring to work. i don't want to break it too. so i've been wanting something inexpensive that i can wear. i got this silly thing. i love it.

then we went to the goodwill outlet (of course) i didn't get much, but i found this beautiful baby...

5 bucks! it is SO heavy! and if you plug it in the peddle and lights work, i'm going to try to sew with it this weekend. i love it. what a beautiful thing! even the cord is pea green.

i got this pretty clock too. it works perfectly. i think it's from the 50's or 60's.

i got these vintage magazines too. i don't know what i'm going to do with them, but they were so neat i couldn't pass them up! all the ads are cute.

travis' parents gave me this adorable kitty for my birthday.

two recent additions to my milk glass mug collection.

i checked out an antique store i had never been too recently. most of the stuff was really expensive and i almost left but saw this sweet little carnival chalk elephant for just a few bucks by the door.

i'm using him as a bookend.


  1. Um, you do know about Pancake Pantry's health inspection score, right? It got a 57 a while back. Retested at an 87 though.

  2. oh what wonderful finds! I Love♥ the Singer machine... and the clock♥

  3. I love the Pancake Kithcen (OZ) here as well. The butter, the fake syrup..yum! It looks like you guys get more on the plates than here. That is good...and bad!
    Anyhoo, love your Singer. It is a beaut!

  4. does that clock, though, er, tic-toc horribly?
    that singer honey, of course, is a treasure to unearth. i love how you notice that even the cord is in 'accord'... she will wizz around, for sure...
    i'm also wondering though.. what kind of work d'you do, in which you break your rings? ;))

  5. your little elephant is so sweet, I love your sewing machine's green (and clock handles too) and those mags are pretty fab, I bet there's lots of good stuff inside...

  6. wow! what a sewing machine, I can't believe it was only $5.

  7. I love all your treasures, especially the new wedding ring. That's adorable! I also really liked the milk glass mugs. :-) Thanks for sharing.

  8. @woolf it does have the loudest tick! i was going to use it on my bedside table but now its been banished to the living room.


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