Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank you goodwill outlet!

i had to give this its own post. one of my most exciting goodwill outlet finds ever!

it's a canon rebel, film version. sadly the battery door has been broken off so i don't know if i'll ever be able to use the camera. but i can for sure use the lens on my dslr! so for 1.00 i get a back up lens for my camera! awesome!
i would love to get it working and then take it somewhere awesome like rock island. I'm too scared to take my 20D there but it wouldn't be a big deal to break this little baby. we'll see.


  1. so jealous! i was JUST there and didnt find hardly anything! bah! congrats on a sweet find though!

  2. I just did a google search for goodwill outlet finds. Moving to st louis in a few months and could pee my pants with excitement about the goodwill since I have to sell everything to move. What an amazingly lucky find!


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