Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary: Part Three! (pug picspam)

Oh yeah, i almost forgot to post this. i've been in atlanta for the past two days at a buyer's conference for work. it was awesome and going on a work trip like that made me feel really grown up (yes i'm still saying that and i'm 26). i'm glad to be back home though, i just wish travis wasn't working until 11 tonight.
but anyway, when i left off we had just left the zoo. 

home! we decide to relax a little bit before our next stop. it is HOT and muggy out.
the girls are right where we left them. priscilla is almost deaf so she didn't hear me come in.
murray hides in the blinds. we watch a little seinfeld while we cool off.

the pugs get to go with us this time. i get their harnesses and they FREAK OUT. 
in their car seat. 

we get dinner from baja burrito, another nashville original. this is the best picture you get, the cicadas were too thick. i tried to get a picture of the hundred buzzing in and out of the bush in front of me but you couldn't tell how gross it was. but i've said before and i'll say it again, baja burrito is my favorite fast place to eat in nashville. and their beans are vegetarian! don't even waste your time with blue coast. 

we took our dinner to the parthenon at centennial park. 
put them down a step so they won't put their faces in the cheese dip. 
attempted a family portrait. it came out pretty cute. 
"now lets make it look like they are there by themselves!"
then we went up the hill to the dog park. it like this one because they have a separate one for small dogs. 
it wasn't very crowded. 
this little buddy was so sweet!
phyllis was panting really hard and making me nervous so we left. i'm really scared of one of them getting heat exhaustion (even though by this time it wasn't hot out at all)
in the back seat. they are going to use this picture for their first album cover. 
dropped them off at home. see you guys later!
then we went to play bar trivia, which we do almost every tuesday night. the place isn't spectacular so i won't give you a name. but the trivia company is good. mmmm brownie a la mode.  we got second place! the last question was a list of names and you had to say if they were boy bands or insect repellant. i loved it. 
we got home and attempted to watch gulliver's travels. i've always like that story (even the ted dansen tv version) and we both like jack black, but it was just terrible. we turned it off halfway through because i couldn't stand it anymore. then we went to bed. it was such a great day! i love being married to travis. we have so much fun together. 

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