Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alice's Birthday

it's soooo hot here now. in the 90's every day. i've had the last five days away from work (two were for a work trip but it felt like vacation) and it has been so nice compared to all the crazyness of the new store. i'm on a big de-cluttering kick and i got a big pile of stuff to donate to goodwill already, and i just went through my kitchen! it makes me feel so good!

the other day i went to my bff crystal's aunt's birthday cookout. i love going to her family events. they are always really fun.

my smart dog. i think they only taste good when you cook them over a fire.

it wasn't a huge crowd. we mostly just talked and ate. perfect. her little cousin gage kept eating cicadas and freaking us out. he said they taste like peanuts. sick.

look who was there! you probably forgot about him. this is only the second time i've seen thomas since new years. so sad. he is buying a house near my house now though, so we can hang out again. and check out those snazzy shorts! he actually bought some new clothes!

i got to bring phyllis and priscilla, which was awesome. i need to get them a wagon so they have a place to rest when they get tired. i kept freaking out and thinking priscilla was going to walk into the fire. i don't know how well she can see it. so i kept her close to me. 

priscilla caught and ate a cicada! and phyllis mostly was too cool to hang out with me. but at the end of the night she sat on this swing with priscilla and i. they loved being rocked on it. 

i had my first s'more of the summer. what a great night. it would only have been more perfect if they had a pool for us to swim in.

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  1. I ate soooo many smart dogs my senior year of high school. I wasn't even a vegetarian then, but I was considering it. I looooved those things.

    Ew to the cicada eating child. Gross.


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