Sunday, June 5, 2011

A great find!

you all know that travis and i love the goodwill outlet. the awesome by the pound thrift wonderland that can yield amazing treasures if you just take the time to dig through the junk. things like our life sized bust of hank williams. it is going to be very hard to resist going a few times a week like usual while i go through all of our clutter.

well, travis went while i was in atlanta on a work trip and found a set of lead type!

so awesome! and SO HEAVY. the night thing about the outlet is if you find something heavy they don't make you weigh it, just give you a price. travis paid 3.99 for the type! i just need to think of a cute way to display it! i have a type drawer (that i got for 2 dollars at the same outlet!) but the type is sooooo heavy it would probably just fall off the wall. let me know if you have any ideas!


  1. Wowee! Sounds like this was at the bulk Goodwill? I can't believe that they didn't just throw these willy-nilly into one of those big bins without a box or bag where they'd sink to the bottom and never be found again. Congratulations! (and I'm going to have to show this to the Mister who is a print maker but also HATES the bulk Goodwill..maybe this will convince him of how great that place is!)

    They'd be really cool in a homemade end table. Something made like a printer's type drawer but with legs and glass or plexi over it? Or just sitting on the top of an end table in an open drawer.

  2. i couldn't believe it was all in that basket and not all over. i've spent so much time trying to find all the pieces to games that have been strewn across 4 bins.

    i love that idea of the table! and i have a printers drawer. from the same goodwill. i used to hate going to that place, but my husband has always loved it. it only took a few great finds (like the bust of hank williams for 5 bucks) to convince me. they haven't been putting out dishes/glassware for a long time which is a big bummer.

  3. maybe on a shelf? or put them around a door frame. I don't know but im sure whatever you end up doing, will look awesome.

  4. Oh wow! How cool! I could see them displayed in different parts of your house, as words. Or make a sentence (or poem) with them and stick them on a wall. Awesome find! xx

  5. Oh I love the type! I've always wanted to find some at a thrift or yard sale but I don't know what I'd do with them, they are stunning though. Fantastic find!

  6. what a wonderful find, I too am a sucker for vintage letters!
    Cheers ~ Lara

  7. glue them together and display like this??

  8. This was one cool find! So many possibilities. It's great that they give you a better price is stuff is heavy.


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