Monday, June 6, 2011

friday date with travis

here are some pictures from our friday. it was a great day. estate sales (our last for a while), swimming, eating, lounging. my favorites.

i wanted this set of blue pots SO BAD. but my pots are new and good so i resisted.

one of my favorite things about estate sales is all the pretty wall paper we get to see!

i want a pink bathroom really bad.

basket full of goodies! everytime i walk into a sale with that basket people flip out and tell me what a genius idea it is to bring a basket. even though it seems obvious.

mmmm sonic before swimming. perfect. i wanted to drink my huge slush at the pool but it was almost melted when they brought it too me. not as good as when it is frozen.

we're going to hang out at crystal's inlaw's neighborhood pool all summer. it is awesome and has an adults only section!

on the way home we stopped in at the goodwill outlet and found this lovely thing.

i've been wanting a pretty filing cabinet! i really wanted a wooden one but they are always so expensive. this one was seven bucks!


  1. Seven bucks?! Love the colour.

  2. Those blue pans, how could you leave them?!!! Totally lusting overcoloured pots and pans here, must find some soon...

  3. Great scores! The ad for that sale almost sucked me in when I saw those Club pots and the little glimpses of wallpaper. Glad that you went! That bathroom is sweeeet.

  4. i'm kind of regretting not getting the pots. the were 40 bucks for the set though, and that was almost my whole budget for the day. but oh man they were pretty. i almost went back for the last day to see if they were there for a reduced price.

  5. LOVING the wallpaper... omigosh!!

    I just stumbled upon your site via your mini-interview over at Pretty Zoo. I saw the header of your blog and went: Peonies? Pugs? PARTHENON!? Oh yes! Haha. (I lived in Nashville --well, Hendersonville, technically-- from 2007-2010 and just moved back home to Erie, PA, so I recognized the Parthenon in Centennial park right away!) Anyhoo... added you to my Google Reader and looking forward to reading more! :)


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