Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Hunger Games

i know this is likely old news to everyone but i picked up the hunger games on my way home from work and read the entire thing this afternoon laying in front of the fan. it was awesome! i kept setting my alarm for another hour and saying "ok i'll stop at 4"...."i'll stop at 5" "i'll stop at six." and i never did. it took me about 4 hours with a few pug breaks. it was so fun! i'm going to try and resist buying the second one because i'm not supposed to be spending money right now. we'll see. but it was really exciting and the characters are great and it's bloody and great!


  1. there are 66 people in line in front of me on the waiting list at the library.

  2. You have got to read the next two books, awesome series. I just recommended to my husband and he killed the books too.

  3. I meant liked. It's weird how the iPad changes the words that you type.

  4. haha, i think killed is a pretty good word! it makes me imagine him tearing through them really fast because they are so awesome!


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