Saturday, June 11, 2011

I love estate sales!

here is my last batch of fun stuff i picked up at the few estate sales i've been to in the past few weeks. they were pretty awesome. i haven't made much progress on my declutter project so no sales for me this weekend. boo hoo. but i did buy some containers to take all my vintage christmas stuff to the basement.

anyway, here are some of the treasures we picked up.

travis has been wanting to start a collection (no surprise pretty much all the collections in the house are mine) and we talked about it and decided that vintage first aid/medical stuff was something we both liked. here are two of the first 3 things he has found! he also has a really cute little red cross pin. i want to find a pretty mid-century hutch to display it in.

first framed paint-by-number i've found at the goodwill outlet. i was pretty excited! i got that old box for a buck, not sure what i'm going to do with it yet. some soup bowls. some pretty hankies.

cute polka dot scarf. enamel flower. cute sweater clips! mushroom!

some dogs with japan stamped on the bottom. i tried to find some information about these online but couldn't. i had the one on the left before. i love the sweet little pink flowers on their chests. 
a lot of this is for our wild west themed guest room that is in the works. i love the globe with the woodgrain pattern. the how to draw horses book has really beautiful color images inside. and lookit those dog cards! i got a cute set of animal rummy cards that didn't make it into a picture. 
vintage feather bird! i saw this collection on a blog and totally flipped out! i've been on the lookout ever since and this is the first one i've found. 

cute canister. a book i loved as a child. some tiny bone china animals (from a super fancy/expensive estate sale). doggie paint by number. kitty!
i'm really excited about that kitty because the weekend before i saw one at the fancy estate sale, but it was priced 20 bucks. then i found this one (and the color is better!) for only 3! i want to put something silly in it, like a long succulent. 
christmas stuff!!!! my favorite!!!! that little tablecloth is so perfect. i might cut a slit in it and make it my tree skirt. i've been looking for a cute one and this one is so lovely! (and was only 50 cents!)
craft supplies! and some little measuring cups (i love cooking with those). i got all those knitting needles for 2 bucks! exciting because i've been collecting yarn at sales but didn't want to invest in needles in case i sucked at it. 
aaaaaand some knitted hangers! so granny! so awesome! and another junior delux edition book. i'm going to post my collect of these later this week. i love them!


  1. I'm loving it ALL! The hankies are so pretty. I love the little bone china figurines and I'm a sucker for anything Christmas. Children's books also find their way home with me.Your cowboy themed room sounds like it is going to be a real treat! Thanks for sharing your treasures. :)

  2. oh well done, great haul. Love the crafty bits, and the cat is such fun!

  3. Ye gods, you AMericans get all the best stuff! My number one favs are the paint by numbers, the glove and the ey chart. The rest are my number two favs:)

  4. that's funny. i find i'm collecting in the oddest places. never thought as methodical as medical/first aid for a collector's range... i'd stick the abc sign (or whatever it's called) in the living room and occasionally check if my sight is going (further) already ...
    your painted-by-numbers number is outrageous! i actually just want it!
    the globe, lovely, lovely!
    the bambi figurines steal my weak heart!
    oh la la...

  5. Nice finds, the cat (beautiful colour), the kids books (my boys would love the cowboy songs book, so cool), the cath kidston style hankies, the bird and nest on the wooden peg, sooo cool. Well done!

  6. What cool stuff you found! I love the little china figurines, especially the doggies. The Scottie dog with the blue bowl is fabulous!
    Did I spy a squirrel or perhaps a chipmunk in there, too? Love!

  7. You are a collector after my own heart.
    I am in midst of a forced declutter but what it really means is moving piles from here to there.

  8. You've found so many goodies! I love the medical themed pieces. How about planting a cat tail plant in the kitty!... (haha.. thank you, i'll be here all night)

  9. Wow, I love your world globe and eye chart, you've had a great week .x

  10. OMG I LOVE your treasure! I wanna come and live in Nashville!
    And I'm gonna follow your blog! Yay for Linkies!

  11. You've been really cleaning up at those estate sales! And wow, I'm figuring out that you and I have the exact same taste in treasures. We might just grab the same item at the same time sometime at an estate sale. If so, say hey! :) My Mom has a yellow kitty like the one that you found. I'd say that it's one of the best planter designs EVER.

  12. Your kitty caught my eye, I have a few, but not that great color! I guess they used to sell those with little cacti in them, can you see your cat with a tall cactus tail? ME-OW!I find that the more blogs I visit, the more items that catch my I just a hoarder at heart?

  13. What a seriously awesome stash of treasures, I am so so jealous of that little mushroom brooch, I want that so much-seriously, Ill swap something!!! I love all your finds though- the painting, the mini deer, the bumless cat, I like your style :) I never thought I would say 'I like your style' in the same sentence as 'bumless cat' but there we go.


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