Friday, July 22, 2011

Deathly Hallows Part 2: Review!

every time a new harry potter movie comes out i have to see it at least twice to like it. i spend the first time being pissed about the things they changed and left out. which is pointless because if they included every little part of those books that i love they would be overly long, boring movies. i think i have finally come to terms with that. haha.
our midnight showing was kind of miserable. it was in a tiny tiny theater that was boiling hot. they played the previews twice and started late so i was already irritated when it started. so i thought it was ok, then we went to see it again the next afternoon, and i liked it a lot.
i loved the whole gringott's sequence. the special effects were so good! and the dragon! it looked perfect! i loved polyjuice belletrix. one of the changes i loved was the changed they made to the final showdown between harry and voldemort.

in the books it is kind of anticlimactic after how hard it was for harry to get to that point. i liked that they made it an actual fight in the movie. and voldemort falling to pieces and floating away was a nice visual (even though it looked like skin flakes and grossed me out) instead of him just falling over dead.
I thought they did a pretty good job handling the snape back story. it was visually beautiful and gave enough information so it was almost as heart wrenching as the book. alan rickman really is a perfect snape to me.
i really didn't cry as much as i thought. a little during the snape scene, then of course once harry uses the resurrection stone. that part in the book makes me SOB every single time.
there were some things that i REALLY hated though. i hated the scene they added with ron and hermione in the chamber of secrets. if they were going to show hermione destroying a horcrux they could have made it put up a fight (like all the others did) and give us something more interesting than a wave. ron/hermione was my favorite part of the books, and i knew they would have to invent something to lead up to their kiss since they cut out the house elf story line but i found what they chose to do really lame.
the part that bugs me the most is when harry talks to ron and hermione before going into the forrest to die. why did they add that? i think it would have been much sadder/more effective to have him walking out under the cloak, seeing everyone he loves, and knowing he can't speak to them because he knows that if he does he won't be able to leave. and ron doesn't even give him a hug like hermione does? they hug about a thousand times in the other movies! that is something i always loved about their relationship. exuberant hugs when they are reunited after summer break. and ron doesn't do ANYTHING when harry tells them he is going to die? ugh.

speaking of hugs. this was probably my favorite part of the movie. hilarious.
i could probably go on and on, but i won't. because i doubt anyone has read this far. but in the end, i loved it. i can't wait until it is at the dollar theater so i can go see it a few more times. and i'm sad there are no more movies to look forward too.

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