Thursday, July 21, 2011

Potter Party Continued!

After we had our Hogwarts inspired dinner Travis went to pick up Crystal's husband so Crystal and i decided to act a fool. we thought it would be awesome to take pictures with some smoke bombs i had hoarded since last fourth of july. because it would look "magic". it didn't really work out.

they STINK so bad! and didn't really flow like we wanted. and we kept opening our mouths and could taste the stink. there are a bunch of pictures of me gagging and running away. completely hilarious. but they will not be posted on the internet. that is my "witch face" that i'm making by the way.

then we tried to take a picture together. and none turned out very cute! but look at how big she teased my hair up! it took me FOREVER to un-rat it the next day.

somehow the lightening bolt looked subtle on me. irl you couldn't really see it past my glasses and hair.

crystal did a dumbledore pose. we laughed so much and took about 400 pictures in spent the rest of night looking at them and cracking up. until it was time for the movie of course. i guess tomorrow I'll write my review! i've seen it three times already so i guess i'm ready to give my opinion. (i'm tempted to drive way out to the drive in to see it again tomorrow. that would be perfect)


  1. Oh my gosh! Those pictures are hilarious! Nothing more fun than doing impromptu photo shoots. When I was a kid (way before you were born, you young thang, you) my brother and I used to stand over those smoke bombs and do the "I Dream of Jeannie" pose. :) I think it's sulfur but we always said, "Who pooted?" It never got old.

  2. i'm so happy that you commented on my wordpress! i didn't know you had a blog besides your livejournal. hooray!

  3. hahaha. i think the smoke bombs look awesome.


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