Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wizard Feast!

I wasn't in the mood to throw a big party for the last harry potter movie (i hosted so many parties last year i got burnt out) but i wanted to at least cook something fun for dinner.

i looked through my harry potter cookbook for something festive to make.

changed up the display on top of my hutch for something on theme. (unicorns and a cat)

after i took this picture to show you what i watched while i cooked i noticed the harry potter magnetic pad. haha. obsessed. i'm really sad there are only a few sheets left on it. 

wands and crookshanks

h is for harry. table cloth had pots on it. we pretended it was cauldrons.

i got two of these candles for free at work and we decided they looked kinda magic?

so we had a quorn roast (really good!) mashed parsnips (mediocre) glazed carrots (blah). i picked stuff that was inspired by what the house elves would make for the hogwarts dining room. or something. 

i keep fretting about my yorkshire pudding but it turned out so awesome! i will definitely make it again.

crystal's husband had to work until later so we made a fourth dinner guest.

for dessert i made a british style trifle a la aunt petunia. it was yellow cake/jam sandwiches, homemade custard, then strawberries, then whipped cream. it was REALLY good. and thankfully dobby didn't destroy it (/super nerd)


  1. That looks bloody brilliant! As a Yorkshire person who grew up on yorkshire pud and trifle I can say that both look completely yum!
    LOVED the last movie, managed not to cry, heh!


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