Saturday, July 2, 2011

Estate Sales

can you believe there are no estate sales going on this weekend? i guess because of the holiday. here is some stuff i picked up at a great one i went to last weekend. my favorite this is probably the set of pretty floral sheets! or maybe those pot holders.

a very sweet little recipe box. full of a ton of recipes for using keilbasa. and pretty much all of them look disgusting.

craft stuff! the beeswax holder is awesome! i use beeswax when i bind books but it is just a block and it's falling apart. those seed art books are pretty amazing. i need to make a walnut santa. v

i'm really excited to use the crewelswork kit! it is the one on the bottom left.

here is some of the christmas stuff i got. oh man i can't WAIT to decorate for christmas this year!

i found a cute stocking for priscilla.

and these coasters! i actually passed these by but travis opened the box and knew i would love it.

linking up with sophie as usual! head over there to look through more thrifty finds. i look forward to going through the links all week!


  1. i love vintage christmas things! i haven't been to an estate sale yet this summer :-(

  2. lovely, lovely, lovely...
    it's looking like it came straight from my youth, all of these goodies. i have fond memories of these.

  3. I think that my favourites are the sheets and the plates ♥

  4. Beautiful treasures! My favorite being the lovely little recipe box. I love how the chimney holds the recipe card. Adorable find!

  5. Wow! Great presentation of your themes. Good presentation. Thanks.Beautiful bangladesh

  6. Hi Rae - thanks for the comment on my blog. I've been lurking on yours for a while, mainly looking at the cute pugs!
    (And love the recipe box.)

  7. those sheets are pretty awesome! and the plates are lovely as well.


  8. Cool Christmas stuff. I love the collection of reindeer in your first photo. And those plates also caught me eye!

  9. I'm really liking those vintage print napkins. The pattern is fabulous!

  10. What great finds you made. The pot holders are adorable.

  11. A girl after my own heart! I'll be checking back to see all your great finds! I'm especially jealous of those amazing flowered dishes...


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