Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Catching Up

It's always good to be home again after going on a trip. my favorite part is going to pick up the sweet little pugs from my parent's house.

murray wasn't quite as excited to see us. he didn't even come down from his favorite perch above the kitchen cabinets!

i'm currently obsessed with these vanilla flavor honey zinger stroop waffle things. i bet i've eaten 10 in the past week (we got a box of sample ones in at work and i have to eat one every time i walk buy. yummm)

we went to a birthday party last week for our friend josh. i had travis buy him a manly gift (some pocket knife kind of thing) and he wrapped it in a dirty paper bag (he says that is the manliest way to wrap a gift).

the party was really fun! we watched the goonies outside and ate so many goodies i was felt sick (in that fun party stuffed way). i love watching movies outside more than almost anything!

and there ends my random post.


  1. a birthday party with an outdoor movie is an absolutely amazing idea. LOVE IT! a perfect summer evening : )

  2. i always wrap things i brown paper. it's true really.

  3. Stroop waffles! I love them. I can't buy them because we eat the whole box on the way home from the store. The hubs says in Europe they put them on top of their coffee cups so they get all warm. mmmm......


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