Monday, October 17, 2011

Pugtoberfest! Part Two.

we played a round of pug bingo. phyllis didn't win though.  
here we are ready for the costume contest! for some reason i didn't get a picture of priscilla! 
she wore her skeleton costume of course.  
they got to walk down a red carpet. very glamorous.  
look at this sweet blind baby. i think her name was buttercup. we didn't win the costume contest either. i can't remember who won...
kissing contest! so hilarious. they were looking for longest continuous kiss.  
the girls were getting really tired, but we were waiting for one last contest. banana eating.
can you spot travis and priscilla waiting to start? phyllis and i watched from the side lines. she isn't a fast eater so we didn't enter her.

there was some INTENSE focus from the other pugs.  
priscilla wasn't so intense and she didn't gobble down her banana like she usually does at home. all that training for nothing! hahah. training means sometimes if i ate a banana, i would give priscilla a few bites.
so then we headed out.  
of course we had to stop by this dog bakery to pick up the prize priscilla won for winning the pug race.
they were really cute! i was tempted to try it myself. haha.
travis' brother and his wife live in louisville so we met up with them since we were so close. the girls got to sleep in their apartment (since they pretty much sleep 20 hours a day, going places with us exhausts them) and we went to a restaurant called hammerheads. the food was sooooo goooood. i overindulged and felt so full and terrible on the way home, but it was worth it.
fries with truffle oil. oh man they were so good. 
jordan got smoked mac and cheese with truffle oil that was great too.
crispy smoked catfish sandwich. very very good. i didn't finish half of it, it was so huge! travis and i keep trying to go full vegetarian (right now we're technically pescetarian) but we can't give up fried fish! the ride home was almost uneventful except for a doggy bathroom episode that i will spare you. but let's say it involved us having to leave both the dog beds on the side of the interstate. but other than that, we had a great time at pugtoberfest!


  1. I just tried Hammerheads recently too! You must try the fried macaroni cheese balls they have (so, so bad and good!! :) I can walk there from my apartment so I try to exercise (so I don't feel so guilty, LOL!!)

  2. I'm sorry we missed it ... sounds like everyone had a great time at Pugtoberfest! Maybe we'll get to go next year! It's just so hard taking four pugs that far away (6 hour drive each way)!


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