Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A couple of firsts!

check it out! my first part of prescription sun glasses! i wasn't sure how long i was going to stick with the glasses (it only wore contacts for about 8 years) but i'm kind of obsessed now so i splurged and got sunglasses too! have you been to See eyewear? they have so many cute vintage inspired frames! i'm really regretting not getting a jeweled cat eye pair. I might be back. i will admit it has been hard coming back to work after my nine days off. especially getting up at 5 am this morning. and the holiday season is already in full swing. i'm indulging in a little blog reading and toddlers and tiaras watching while travis is at work. (did you know i had a pageant job for 6 months in 2009? i know SO MANY people on this show, it is kind of scary/embarrassing). Another first from today:

a cat on the couch with phyllis, even though she wasn't asleep! usually phyllis will bark at the cats if they get up on the couch with her, but she must has been feeling extra friendly today (or tired, we did walk around the block). she and scampi had a little nap together. it was so sweet!


  1. I love your glasses! I'm saving up to get some at SEE one day. They really do have amazingly cute stuff. I would LOVE to pick your brain about the pageant world sometime I am obsessed with it but the Mister worries about my obsession with it. :) Scampi is SO pretty. She looks kind of like a tortie mixed with a snowshoe siamese. Pretty, pretty.


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