Monday, November 14, 2011

The Evolution of an Airbrush Shirt

one of the ancient art forms practiced in gatlinburg is the airbrush t shirt. after looking at lots of places crystal finally decided on one to get a shirt from. i think the rainbow bucket hat with the peace sign on the top is what really made this place stand out. of maybe the giraffe wearing sunglasses with one hoop earring. here is how her amazing shirt was created in 15 minutes!
that is the outline his stencil made.the rest if free hand.

look at that thing!! so awesome!

now i wish i would have gotten the pug. with a rainbow. and sparkles. and the words "pug life."
next time.


  1. You should have got the pug one! I want the Boston haha :D

  2. Now I have an insatiable craving for my very own airbrush shirt. And I'm kind of mad at you for not getting the pug life one.

  3. Pug Life! Ha! I'm always amazed at the truly insanely saturated colors that they can get on these things.

  4. :sigh: my hair is still too clashy to wear it not-at home. what am i to DO?!

  5. that guy painting the shirt was my ex partner pete ,i worked as an airbrush artist there for over 10 years ,,the pug design i made so thank you for the pug life props im moving to a different shop next to star cars in gatlinburg thanks so much

    1. how cool! i'm glad you found this post! i really wish i had gotten that shirt. next time i'm in town i'll get one for sure! i'll look for the place by star cars!


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