Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Smokey Mountain National Park: Part 2

I picked a "moderate" hike for our hike in the Smokey Mountains. It ended up being kind of hard (for me at least) but it was still fun.

crystal carrying a prop for our photoshoot at the top of the mountain.

we stopped for lunch about 30 minutes in. haha.

we didn't have sandwich bags in the cabin so travis used this huge one he carries to put my camera in if it starts to rain.

scary thin bridges with handrails on just one size!

climbing up under s steep cliff. we thought this was the top but we were really wrong.

still not quite the top but that was as far as i could make it. it was so beautiful! even if there were no leaves on the trees. next post i'll show you the random photos we took once we got up there. here is a hint....

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